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E-Gift Card Order Declined But Still Got Charged


A couple days ago I attempted to purchase an e-gift card through your website. I chose PayPal during checkout, entered in my debit card information, and hit "Place Order" and the order went through fine on PayPal's side but when it redirected back to the cashstar/Best Buy site, it said the order was declined. My card was charged but the order never went through. 
I have spoken to multiple reps through the live chat on the cashstar/Best Buy site and none of them were able to locate this transaction (obviously because it didn't go through). They offered no solutions exept that I speak to PayPal.
I spoke to PayPal to have them cancel this authorization and they stated that they cannot because it is an agreement between PayPal and Best Buy and that Best Buy may try to complete the order. I explained that there is no order as the order was declined and did not get placed. They said they cannot do anything until 30 days have passed, then they can release the authorization hold. So, they suggested I speak to my bank.
I then spoke to multiple reps from my bank to ask if I can dispute this charge as the order failed and they state they cannot do anything because the transaction is still pending and then suggested I speak to PayPal.
I keep getting thrown in circles when I am simply trying to get my money back for an order that failed due to an issue with the site. I should not have to wait 30 days for this to get reversed. Any suggestions at all? I've been pretty frustrated as no one appears to want to help.
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Re: E-Gift Card Order Declined But Still Got Charged

Hey, edfrommathclass,


Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us on the Best Buy Forums! I'm sorry to hear that your order didn't go through, that is certainly odd that your funds were authorized without the order being placed! I can understand your concern regarding those funds, as well.


Authorizations typically fall off within a few days, or in your case, up to 30 days. Without an order number, there is little we can do to assist with getting that authorization lifted. We would typically direct you to work with PayPal, and it sounds like you have to little avail. I would suggest disputing the charge with your bank to see if you are able to get those funds any faster. Please let us know if there's anything else we could help out with.




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