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Dismissed and Disrespected by Best Buy and Geek Squad

I’m an Elite Plus member at Best Buy and I have spent over 1,500 in a year almost every year for almost 23 years.   A year and a half ago I brought a 65” Sony 4K tv from Best Buy in my area.  The sales rep told me that I should get the 5 years service plan because sometimes tv goes out and at least you can have 5 years free of worry free.  I brought the plan along with the tv and I almost spent 1,500 that day alone.  I ask the rep what if somethings happen to the tv what do I do?  He told me if something happens to the tv just bring it back to the store and we will either fix it or give you a new one because your covered.  Great!  In the past I brought 5 tv’s from your company and this same store and never had to bring any of them back for service. On November 12, 2019 (brought the tv in June 2018) I updated my tv, went out to my local Xfinity store to pick up the new modem for me to stream faster, and I came home to plug in the new modem.  My tv was off and I unplugged my tv from the surged protected strip and connected the modem and plugged the tv back up to that same strip and there were lines going down on the right side and the bottom of the TV.  I told my son let’s go and take the tv because they told me to bring it back.  We put the tv in my truck on a blanket in 14 degree weather and took it to the store where the sales people got the tv out of the car and laid the tv on a metal roller.  I parked my car and went inside for them to tell me that they don’t take tv that size to be serviced and I have to call Geek Squad.  Than I asked them why didn’t the man who took the tv out of the car say that before he taken it out and for me to go park my car and go walk in to the store in the cold?  Everyone looked at each other like it was a trick question.   Than the manger Ashley started to get smart and disrespectful with me.  I asked Ashley to give me Corporate office and she gave two different numbers to Geek Squad and never the number to Corporate.   I ask to speak to someone higher who apologize that the worker told me that  there is nothing they can do but send me home and to call Geek Squad.  So I went home to call them and they came out the next day.  Than I gotten a man named Louis who came in told me to plug the tv up and it came on and said “oh there is a white dot and a line going down on the right side of the tv with a line so the tv might have been dropped and I told him that, that spot wasn’t on there when I took the tv to the store and he asked me why I took it to the store and I told him that the store rep told me to bring it in.  I asked him that how could my tv been cracked with no physical damaged on the outside of the tv? He could not answer that question (I guess another trick question)  then he proceeded to tell me rudely that had nothing to do with him and he’s only going by what he sees and told me the insurance didn’t cover it.  I called Geek Squad and one of the agents told me that it could have happen internally when I plugged up the tv, or when the freezing cold hit the tv, or even when it was transported but yet still no solution.  I was told during several calls that me being a Elite Plus member means nothing, I was told that my call will be expedited and someone will call me and I’m still waiting on that call as I write this.  Than I finally gotten someone after days of calling and about  20 or more calls.  On Friday, November, 15 a agent told  me that someone will come out and run a diagnostic on my tv because it could have happened when the tv was plugged back up.  Finally,  I was getting somewhere, Wrong!  I was told me that the agent would come out between the hours of 12:00 pm and 2:30 pm on Saturday November 16, 2019.  Louis the same agent I had prior called and woke me up at 7:00 am and told me that it was no reason for him to come to my house to do a diagnostic on my tv because it was a waste of his time and if he has to come all the way to my home he was going to charge me 99.00 for him coming.  I told him that was his job and the Geek Squad agent told me that is what you suppose to do and I had 3 visits I could use for free. Louis told me again if he comes out to my house that he was going to do the same thing before and write its unrepairable and he’s going to charge me the $99.00 fee so its best not to waste my time or his.  In disbelief I told him that he would will not talk to me in this tone and I don’t accept that type of behavior and I hung up on him.  Then he proceeded to keep calling my phone and I didn’t answer because I was calling on the phone to Geek Squad again and again I explained what he did and I was given to a manager who apologies for his behavior and told me that he will call the District manager of that store for me and they should me calling me back today and that was around 8:00 am.  After no phone call about 3:00 pm I call Geek Squad again and telling this same story again because they won’t transfer you to a manager without you telling them the run down I was transferred to a manager who told me that they had no Corporate number and he didn’t have any higher person than him number but yet he was magically able to connect me to the field manager who out of over 20 calls manage to answer his phone call once and he never answered several messages I left. I was even told by that manger that Geek Squad is not apart of Best Buy and they were separate. I was told to call the store and I spoke to the store General Manager who told me that she don’t know why Geek Squad keeps telling me that and she told me that she was going to call the District Manager and call me back (and I’m still waiting on that call).  I finally went on to find Best Buy Corporate number in which I was transferred to someone who told me I could make a complaint to and he told me that he could not call the store and tell them anything or have them to replace my tv.  I been ping pong back and fourth and Best Buy does not want to take responsibility for their worker telling me to bring the tv in and the guy taking the tv out of my car.  I didn’t even receive any paper work regarding Geek Squad when I brought the tv.  All he gave me was a long receipt showing how much I paid for the tv and that I have the 5 year insurance.  I spend thousands a year a Best Buy along with friends that own property and have brought things from there.  There have been no solution and all I gotten from this store is that my Elite plus Status makes me equal to someone  who spends 2 dollars in batteries.  I’m highly disappointed and upset with this company for not replacing my tv when they know it was their fault and haven’t gotten any real answers because the Geek Squad are all not Geeks and be treated with disrespect I can kindly spend my money and give it to another vendor who I’m sure I would not get this type of disrespect and Amazon is one of the vendor I can think of.  Not a happy camper at all and if there is no resolution I will not spend another dime at this store and I will let all my friends know and they will kindly listen and go someone else as well.  

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Re: Dismissed and Disrespected by Best Buy and Geek Squad



Welcome to Best Buy's online community. I appreciate the time you have taken to share your experience on the forum. I see that Vince, my colleague, has address the majority of your concerns privately on Best Buy Facebook. I also see that our Executive Support Team sent a response to your Better Business Bureau claim. At this time, our position remains unchanged. 

Please feel free to reach out to us for any other support not directly related to this situation in the future.


Thank you.

Karina|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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