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Disappointing experience buying from with no acceptable resolution

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To whom it may concern,


I recently ordered a receiver from your online store.  My order number is {removed per forum guidelines} .  I received this audio receiver yesterday and I was extremely happy with the price and genuinely excited to open the package......but this quickly faded when I picked up the box and I heard something inside clanking around.  The front part of the faceplate was detached and just floating around, smacking into the receiver.  There were open batteries just floating around smacking into things, and lastly, upon inspection, I see that the wireless antenna was broken off just in the open box floating around (and could not be reattached as the metal part it screws into was not even on the backside).  When I pulled the bag with the manuals and other information out, I could see that someone had opened it.  This was either a USED or RETURNED item that had been beatup!  This was not new as indicated when I purchased.

So, after spending the night last night on the phone with customer service (and I would like to be very clear, the man on the phone was EXTREMELY professional and nice), i still didn't leave the whole situation with a good taste in my mouth.  Let me explain.  THE BEST that could be done is a refund once you receive the item on return and a 25.00 gift card.  Why couldn't you send me another receiver?....that was my main question!  The answer I received was that there were no more left.

SO, I have the return label, I'm sending the receiver back today. What I THOUGHT was me getting a great deal on this equipment ended up being a wasted night and me floating 500+ dollars until 3-5 days after you receive the damaged goods you sent me (according to what I heard on the phone last night).

So, why this may matter to you?  This was the start of me upgrading my home to 4k, I have yet to purchase actual speakers, a TV...etc.  This will most likely all happen before the end of the year....but best buy will not receive my business because of this experience.  I consider it risky to order from you as you sent me used equipment instead of the new I was expecting.  At the very least, I would have expected a "I'm so sorry sir, let me send you out a new receiver".....but not even that.  I see that newegg has the same receiver for one cent more than I paid to you, so I guess I'm going there for now.  Very disappointing and someone there should know about it!  

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Re: Disappointing experience buying from with no acceptable resolution

UPDATE: I've been in contact with a representative who seems like they may be able to help me with my issue.  There have been things promised on the phone, but I am awaiting to see what if what they say is true before I update any further.

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Re: Disappointing experience buying from with no acceptable resolution

Good afternoon Jkarlovich,


Welcome to our forums.  As someone who recently upgraded my home stereo system with a brand-new receiver, I can only imagine my disappointment if my receiver arrived to my home damaged.  I can completely understand your frustration with the experience you’ve described, and I apologize for the inconvenience this has undoubtedly caused.


Using the information you’ve provided upon joining our forums, I see you’ve been in contact with our Executive Response Team regarding this matter.  They will be your point of contact going forward, and I’m optimistic they’ll be able to address your concerns.


Thanks for posting,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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