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Digital Download of Trend Micro Premium Security Not Working



I am not sure if this the correct place to ask this, and I apologize in advance.


On March 2nd, I placed an order for the digital download version of the Trend Micro Premium Security (10-Device) (1-Year Subscription) - Android|Mac|Windows|iOS [Digital]. The physical version and the digital version were the same price, so I opted for the digital version since my current virus protection subscription was ending soon. 


Well, the order went through fine, and I soon received an email that it was ready for download in my digital library. However, when I tried to download it from my digital library earlier, I kept receiving a page not found error message ("We’re sorry, something went wrong.").


I continued trying multiple times, but I still saw the same error. My virus protection that I had has since expired, but I still have not been able to download my purchase. I am, however, able to see my key code for my item and was wondering if that was enough to activate it.


Could someone please look into this matter?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Digital Download of Trend Micro Premium Security Not Working

Assuming the programs are the same, you can use that code to activate. 


Please be aware that when you purchase from Best Buy, your subscription starts immediately. 

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Re: Digital Download of Trend Micro Premium Security Not Working

Thank you for your reply.


That seems to have worked. I wasn't sure, so I wanted to have some kind of confirmation since my digital library is still not working properly.


Thank you again!