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Did not receive order 3 months of terrible customer service and now I am being told tough luck.

I purchased a CyberPower Gaming PC for over $2200 on September 30th 2020 it was shipped via Fedex. I got the notification that FedEx had delievered my order but I did not have it nor had I signed for it and I had been home all day. 

Fedex tracking said that it was delievered AND signed for but the signature was a inch long dash and it stated that it had been signed for by what looked to be my first intial and last name smushed together as one name. But again I hadn't signed for anything or recieved anything and had been home all day. 


I immeditely reached out to Bestbuy via chat and told the advisor that I had not recieved my order but fedex was saying it was delievered and signed for. After going through the details asking me about the signature etc the advisor stated that they were going to either replace or refund it. I wanted it replaced but possibly shipped to a store because of my experience so far but they found it was out of stock so they stated that they would refund it and then confirmed that they HAD refunded it. I was disspointed to not have the computer but relieved to have the product refunded and went about finding a replacement. I hadnt recieved any kind of confirmation so I was hesitant to purchase another computer so I chated once more to confirm that it had been refunded and the next advisor also confirmed that it had infact been refunded and that it might just take a few buisness days to get the confirmation email. So I went ahead and purchased another computer with another retailer. I have chat transcripts on both these interactions there is no gray area they are very clear that the order was refunded. 


THEN a week later I recieve a email to a email account that I rarely use and that I never provided to either advisor. It has terrible grammer and seems conversational despite being a email stating the following. 



Thank you for choosing Best Buy.

I'm sorry to know you never received your packaged. Let me check it for you.

I have double checked tracking number XXXXXXXXXX and confirmed that the item was successfully delivered and Signed for by named XXXXXXXX. In this case you have to contact the carrier and local law enforcement for further assistance.

We appreciate your loyalty as a My Best Buy member. For any other concern, you may visit our Help Center at


So i reached back out to Best Buy. No one could explain to me why this was sent to the email address that it was but more importantly they stated that the previous advisors had messed up that they had simple submitted a request for a refund and that had been rejected. Which makes absolutely no sense to me, if your advisors messed up that sounds like a internal problem and you had multiple advisors tell me that the refund was done and processed. It was on thier assurance that I made another purchase. First they tried re-esclating explaing the error of the previous advisors but I guess that didnt work.The advisors insisted that we could just follow the normal procedures and arrive at the same resolution so it should be fine. I spoke to a supervisor and he said to submit a claim with Fedex and bring it back to them to move forward. Which I did, Fedex allows me to start the claim but as the previous advisor had mentioned it needs to go back to them because only the shipper can complete the claim and they are the ones that recieve updates. 


I submitted my claim number with Best Buy on Oct.17 and checked back in weekly, usually starting out on by being hung up on while the advisor researced the issue and then the next advisor would usually tell me that the package was delievered and signed for so I need to go out to Fedex and after I told them I had, they told me Oh well looks like we are still waiting on a response from our back office. This continued for a month, on Nov. 17 a advisor informed me that the reason Best buy wasnt moving forward with my claim was becuase I needed to submit a police report number with them which none of the other advisors had mentioned over my month of calling but I went ahead and did it same day and submitted the police report. Then I went back to the cycle of calling in weekly (advisors would constantly give me time frames on a response but it never came) to be told Oh looks like it was delievered and signed for I needed to talk to fedex, explaining I had, and being told that they were still waiting on a response. I even reached out to Fedex, they confirmed they could not tell me anything beyond the fact the claim had been closed and that only if Best Buy authorized me on this particular tracking number could they provide any information and that I should reach out to Best Buy because they would be the ones recieving updates. 


Reached back out to Best Buy and the rep claimed they were waiting on FEDEX which made no sense because FEDEX had stated the claim was closed. But I was given no option but to wait. 


Then on December 9th I recieved my second best buy email and the only one that came to the actual email address that was provided. And it amounted to much of the same, Fedex says you recieved and it was signed for so reach out to the carrier. 


No one seemed to be able to give me a update on my claim, on Wednesday 12-16-2020 I spoke to a supervisor that stated that he was going to have the back office call me in 24 to 72 hours. Did not recieve a call or a email so I got on the phone with Best Buy once agian today 12/22/2020. I spoke to supervisor who advised me that all the previous advisrs had messed up, if fedex was reporting it was delievered and signed for that was it, they couldnt help me. She couldnt explain why other advisors had me submit a fedex claim or police reports. Best buy dragged me along for 3 months lied to me about refunding the order, and she said that Best Buy doesnt help with the fed ex claims process which makes no sense because they are the only ones that can! For all I know Fedex refunded Bestbuy for the order and best buy took my money as well. 

All she could offer for the month of delays and phone calls and lies was a sorry. 

I trusted best buy even after they messed up time and time again that if I followed thier process that this would get resolved but it did not. It has been a absolute nightmare.

I am inclined to believe that the advisor I spoke to today was the one lying not all the previous advisors I spoke to but either way I need help getting this issue resolved. At the very least I need a way to contact or reach out to corporate to file a complaint on this entire interaction and get some sort of response on what they are going to do to make it right. Becuase I am sorry we messed up but there is nothing we can do is not a appropriate response. I am out of over $2200 i dont have a computer and I have been dragged along for months spending so many hours on the phone with Bestbuy only to be told I wasa lied to and there is nothing they can do. 

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Re: Did not receive order 3 months of terrible customer service and now I am being told tough luck.

Hey, majid,


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums about your order. I can certainly understand how frustrating this experience has been, as I certainly would not want to have to wait three months for my refund or my product. I'm sorry to hear this has been an ongoing situation for you.


We definitely expect our agents to provide factual information, and it sounds like you've been told several different things over the course of trying to find a solution here. This is not the level of service we strive to provide. I'm sorry to hear about this, and I'd be happy to document this feedback here at the corporate campus. 


I'd also like to look into your order and this situation to see if there's any clarity I can provide. Please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I can get started.





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Re: Did not receive order 3 months of terrible customer service and now I am being told tough luck.

Well much of the same from the admins here as well. Since fedex claims they delivered it and it was signed for Best Buy states there is nothing they can do and I have to work with the shipping carrier even though FEDEX can not help me since I am not thier customer, Best Buy is and is the only one that can move forward with any claim. Which either Best Buy has done and not informed me or just doesnt care to do. I can also work wtih the police which I already have done but I cant say I am holding my breath on any results there especially without Best Buy willing to help with the claims process. 


Here is the "signature" Fedex is providing, a one inch dash: 

Fedex signature


Best Buy offers nothing but a sorry for the advisors that lied or misled me, wither it was the ones stated I had been refunded or the ones that had me run around for months with Fedex claim numbers and police reports only to be told now that isn't thier policy and they cant help with any claim with thier shipper. 


Not that it will matter or that anyone will likely read this but I can not recommend buying anything of value through best buy's website or you risk ending up like me $2200 poorer with nothing to show for it.