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Did Not Receive Order, Repeatedly Lied To By Best Buy Customer Service

Last month I ordered a printer from I needed it in a hurry and the shipping date said it would arrive before I left for vacation. The package was delayed, so I contacted Best Buy support before it shipped. I was told it couldn't be cancelled at that moment, but to contact again as soon as the status changed. I contacted support again after it changed from Processing to Shipped and was told they couldn't cancel the order because it had shipped, but to contact the shipping carrier who would cancel the order for me. I contacted the carrier and they told me only the shipper (Best Buy) could cancel the shipment. So I contacted Best Buy again while the order was shipped but not at my address, and was told they can't cancel the shipment. I explained that I was going away for vacation for three weeks and could not bring the package inside. I was worried the package would be stolen or lost if sat on my doorstep for 3 weeks. I was told not to worry and a refund would be issued if the package wasn't there when I got back, just contact support.


So I get back from vacation and the package is not there. I ask my neighbors and they don't have it. 


I contact Best Buy support and am told not to worry, I'll get a refund. No refund or email confirmation is processed so I contact again. I am told that the refund has already processed but it won't show up in my bank until the next billing cycle. Weird, most online stores can process refunds pretty quickly, and send out email confirmation right away, but whatever.


Today I received an email saying:

"We have completed our investigation and are unable to provide a refund or replacement. All items on this order that have not already been fulfilled have been cancelled."


I am extremely upset. I have done everything right here. I ordered an item within a reasonable time frame, promtly tried to cancel it when it was delayed, prior to shipment, and was lied to on every single contact with customer support. I am out $700 and don't have the printer I ordered.


I have contacted BB Support since, and keep being told to contact the carrier to get a refund. When I contact the carrier, they say they to contact Best Buy.


I am about to file a charge back but would am willing to try one more attempt to resolve this directly with Best Buy.

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Re: Did Not Receive Order, Repeatedly Lied To By Best Buy Customer Service

I would have hired someone to come pickup and hold my package if I was not lied to by Best Buy support about getting a refund if it was lost. This feels like a scam.
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Re: Did Not Receive Order, Repeatedly Lied To By Best Buy Customer Service

Hey there.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We never want to make it difficult to shop with us, and I'd be happy to take a closer look at your situation. Would you mind sending a private message and sharing some additional details with me? Please include your full name, phone number, email address, and your order number. It would be my pleasure to help in any way that I can.



AlbynAnn|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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