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Did Best Buy cancel my order to avoid giving me $450 in promotions and trade-in values?

This is a long story. On 10/10/22 I ordered the new Pixel 7 Pro. The order included a promotional $200 e-giftcard as well as a trade in promotions in which my broken Pixel 5 was quoted for $250. On 10/18/22, I received an email stating that my order had been delayed, and that I would receive updates when more information was available. On 10/22/22, I spoke with multiple customer service agents through's chat feature to try and determine the status of my order and possible solutions. I took screenshots of the conversation which can be viewed here:
The final agent ended the chat abruptly without even messaging me. I decided to not push the issue further at the time.

On 11/02/22, I received an email stating that my order had been cancelled due to the phone being out of stock and Best Buy being unsure of when it would be available again. This was incorrect, since the website stated that there was inventory of the exact SKU I had ordered, and this was confirmed by customer service agents I would speak to by phone later that day. By this time, neither the $200 e-giftcard promotion nor the trade-in promotion were running anymore, so I called customer support to determine what my options were. After speaking with multiple agents, they we're able to confirm that the phone was in fact in stock and that my order should not have been cancelled, but advised me that they would be unable to apply any promotions until I had placed a new order, and gave me a case number to reference for when I spoke with customer service again The next morning, 11/03/22, I placed an new order for the same phone. By this point, the trade-in calculator was quoting me at $0 for my broken Pixel 5, so I actually needed to lie in order to even initiate a trade-in. I figured I would be able to sort out the details with customer service once they reviewed my case. It took 4 or 5 separate calls to customer service, with numerous transfers and disconnects for someone to figure out how to honor the promotions that I should have received. Since the promos were no longer running, I was told that I would be sent a $200 gift card via mail instead of a $200 e-gift card (which I found acceptable), and that the difference in trade-in values could be sorted out during the trade in process, which I also found acceptable at the time. I was told it would take up to 10 days for the gift card to arrive.

I received the phone 2 days later on 11/05/22, but has now been 17 days, and I have not received the gift card or the trade-in package (it still says "Shipping Kit on its way" on the order status page). I went to my local Best Buy store today to see if they could figure out the trade-in situation in person, but they advised me that I would need to have customer support change the quote in order for them to honor the original promotional price. I called customer support, and they said they did not have the tools to do so, but to go to the store and they would do it for me. I returned to the store and spoke with a manager who seemed incredibly confused. He was unable to apply any promotional deals for a trade in due to the damaged state of my old phone, despite the trade in calculator accepting the damages in the original order. He was able to offer me a price match to the current sale price of the pixel 7 Pro, which is approximately $160 less than what I had paid. He advised me to call customer support again, and they would be able to help me initiate a trade-in under the same circumstances as my original (completely broken phone) for the approximate $90 difference in value. I called customer support, who once again claimed to be unable do anything on their end and advised me to go to a store to handle the trade in. When I explained what the store had told me, they repeatedly said to go to the store. When I said that it was clear that neither the store nor customer support has the information I need and I asked who else I could talk to, the agent once again said to go to the store for trade-ins. She also completely ignored me when I tried to bring up the issue of the gift card.

At this point, I am feeling completely taken advantage of by Best Buy. Most of the customer service agents I interacted with seemed sympathetic to my situation, 2 of them actively tried to help me with tangible solutions, but so far only the store manager I spoke with today has been able to offer me any sort of compensation for what I have been promised. I am still down an approximate $290 value for what I have been told by multiple agents that I am owe, and feel as though I do not have any way to collect it.

The more I think about it, the more likely it seems that Best Buy knowingly cancelled my order due to the large promotional value I was receiving. The phone was in stock when the order was cancelled for it being out of stock, and the promotions were no longer available when placing a new order. It just feels too convenient.
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Re: Did Best Buy cancel my order to avoid giving me $450 in promotions and trade-in values?



Welcome to the Best Buy Forums! We appreciate you reaching out regarding a phone order that was cancelled, this isn't the experience we want our customers to have but I would love to assist and see what's possible. Can you please send over a private message with your full name, phone number, email address and order number? You can click on "Private Message" next to my signature. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.


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Alex|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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