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Delivery date changed and bad store customer service

I just recently spent almost 1200$ with best buy ordering online I got all my items but the last one needed for a pc build it was supposed to be delivered April 15 and was never shipped out by best buy finally they shipped it after i spent hours of calling the store and i have to wait a additional 2 maybe 3 days this was a time sensitive order and build upon calling the store I was informed the had the item in stock by the rude manager that has hung up on me 2 other times and I asked that they just contact the postal service to cancel the shipment which can be done and just let me drive to the store to pick up the item to have it that day you I can finish my Customers build and get paid and the man hung up again on me so i spent 2 hours on hold waiting on best buys corporate to answer and finally gave up after my phone battery died this is all so unacceptable from a company like best buying understand things happen but when they do the customer that is spending should not have to pay for their mistakes what so ever in my case the original order should be stopped in shipment and I should be able to pick up the item in store so this has now cost me double the price of the item just about this is absolutely unacceptable the Customers are who keeps a business in business I'll never spend another dime with best buy!