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Delivery Issues

I reached out today to Mahi over the phone who was so helpful when I told her I thought I had the wrong tracking number for my order. I was tracking it meticulously because it was a TV and then I suddenly said delivered to my front door. It certainly wasn’t there. I contacted UPS and they said call Best Buy. The proof of delivery did not show my address but just said delivered to Los Angeles CA.
Mahi very sweetly told me not to worry and that she could either send a replacement ASAP or refund me. I chose a refund because I’m scared I won’t get my order again and would rather go to a store and buy it. She said I would get a confirmation email in 2 hours and that my refund was processed. I don’t have the email and it’s been way past that time. I spoke to a chat representative again who said Mahi sent a refund request to the wrong escalation team.
I am dumbfounded. Refund request? Mahi told me she already processed the refund so why is she putting in a request? I’d you can’t process a refund I’ll understand if you can only send a replacement but all this run around feedback I’m getting from these Best Buy representatives is mind baffling! Please someone help me. I’ve done everything I can.
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Re: Delivery Issues

Dont quote me on this but what I really thought they would of said was an investigation on a mis-delivered package takes place and they would determine if it was delivered properly or not and in the end if it was you would not get a refund or replacement. 

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Re: Delivery Issues

I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she would just go ahead and send me a replacement or a refund. But it looks like she escalated it all wrong according to the next representative I spoke to. It’s a nightmare. Smiley Sad
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Re: Delivery Issues

Hi, georgiejmison,


Welcome to our Best Buy Community Forums. I would like to thank you for sharing your story and am saddened to hear about your journey toward a resolution. Similar to what was mentioned by our Community Veteran hockeycanuckjc, there is a process that takes place when packages have not been received. Though a refund or replacement request has been created on behalf of the customer, it may still require approval and further research. If you would like for me look into the specifics of your purchase, kindly send a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and order number. 


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