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Delivery Date Failure - Poor Customer Service

I recently made an online purchase on specifically because the items would be guaranteed to arrive the next day. I could have ordered online at a number of online competitors with next-day or two-day shipping, but I figured I'd give Best Buy the business for my extensive history with them as a customer.


For some reason they were sent separately (they were essentially very similar items).  part of the order was shipped UPS and the other was FedEx. (???) Strike One.


According to the FedEx information, the item was marked as delayed almost immediately and showed zero activity after it was picked up from BBY. Strike Two


Through the day of supposed delivery, I reported the issue to two different chat representatives who both assured me the delay warning was incorrect, not to worry, and that the items would arrive on time.  I asked repeatedly to confirm; that it was a high priority that I get these items on time and will go to the store to pick up at least part of the order if they won't arrive today.  They guaranteed the items would arrive by end-of-business.


They didn't.  Strike three


It further frustrated me that the UPS item was not left at the door and was instead held to be dropped off at a pickup location the following day.  Nowhere in the order or tracking information was that indicated.  So, I didn't get either package despite my attempts to be pro-active and communicate my concern to BestBuy.


I followed up with the Chat Reps again the next day referring to the previous conversations and the failure to deliver.  They simply parroted the response that the items should arrive today instead without any acknowledgement of my issue.  Asking if they could do anything for the poor experience they only said "We don't do that."


At any rate, I'm tired of complaining about it.  It's such a small thing, but it should have easy.  I've spent more time and effort fighting uphill on this than it's likely worth.  Thought I'd at least post about it here in hopes it doesn't fall on deaf ears.  If nothing else I wanted to raise awareness here both to Best Buy and would-be online shoppers of an issue like this and what I feel to be a comprehensively inadequate customer support experience. At best, I'd appreciate a Best Buy rep to reach out to improve on the breach of trust here.


Thank you.


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Re: Delivery Date Failure - Poor Customer Service

Welcome back to our forums, Beefalo,


Regardless of the item, it’s always disappointing when an order arrives after its estimated arrival date.  I can certainly understand your frustration with this delay, and I appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.


Depending on the availability of the product near you, it’s not uncommon for items to be shipped from different locations, and through different carriers as a result.  While we hope the carriers who pick up our customer’s orders deliver them by the estimated arrival date, there are instances where this may not be the case, and I’m sorry to hear your order has arrived later than estimated.    


Using the information you’ve provided upon joining our Support Forums, I’m happy to see the order you placed with us on February 11, appears to have been delivered earlier today.  If this isn’t the case, or if there’s any additional assistance you need from us regarding this, or any other order, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Forums again.



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