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Delivered to Wrong Place, Never Received, No Refund - Nightmare Experience with Bestbuy

Ordered Asus game laptop for $1400+ on 4/17(this is my high school son's restaurant work money), chose delivery because my son want to get it one day earlier. He was exciting to wait for new computer, but never expected it became our nightmare experience with BestBuy.


- 4/17, placed order, no way to request signature for order. but we think Bestbuy should handle it safely.

- 4/20 morning, notification for upcoming delivery. Discussed to purchase geek squad with my son. We stay home for the expected delivery

- 4/20 2pm, received delivery notification. get out immediately, no package at front porch, no package in our neighbors's front porches too, no package on mailbox. (on 5/3 I checked carrier's link, turned out they delivered to mail room. which they said as mailbox, our mailbox is close to side walk, nobody delivered any packages to mailbox unless it can be put inside, never see delivery to the outside of mailbox in our community where it's so unsafe)

- 4/20 2:21pm, chat with Bestbuy rep. explained what happened, He told me bestbuy will take the loss, we asked for replacement, he placed the replacement order, order will be ready to pickup on 4/24 in store.

- 4/23 Bestbuy emailed item not available at selected location, also order status shows that too.

- 4/25 Chat with Bestbuy rep again, confirm I should receive the order by 4/27

- 4/26 See order was canceled by bestbuy, chat with rep again, he promised to refund and initiated refund, told me I should receive confirmation email in 48 hours.

- 4/28 order game laptop for my son from Costco

- 5/3 received email from bestbuy - "We have completed our investigation and are unable to provide a refund or replacement". Chat with bestbuy rep again, he told me that he can't do anything. Ask me to talk to carrier

- 5/3 afternoon, talked to carrier rep and their manager, manager told me that "MAIL ROOM" is common term used by driver for mailbox, not explained why delivered to outside mailbox while to road to our front porch is so clear. One importtant message he shared to me is that Bestbuy never talked to them after I reported the incident. 


Conclusion: Bestbuy not give you the option for delivery signature, also use unreliable carrier who delivered the expensive package to the outside of mailbox which never happens to other carriers. No photo to prove the delivery. Bestbuy's investigation even not talked to the carrier who caused this issue, but claim that they finished investigation, and refused to refund.


I have all the chat history and police report, and carrier's delivery page to prove that Besybuy is not a reliable merchant. Thank you Bestbuy to organize a show to tell us that you are the merchant we should stay far away!

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Re: Delivered to Wrong Place, Never Received, No Refund - Nightmare Experience with Bestbuy

Welcome to the Best Buy Forums. 


Hi xiaofengw. Thanks for stopping by our community forum, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I can understand your frustration around not receiving your item. I know that you've spent a lot of money and something like this can be quite upsetting. 


For these situations an internal investigation is carried out, and based on our findings we will recommend your best course of action. If a police report is filed, we will cooperate with their investigation and provide any information that they need.  


I do not have the details of your case; however, you can find some information specific to Title of Products here,  


Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance, you can also send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. 





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Re: Delivered to Wrong Place, Never Received, No Refund - Nightmare Experience with Bestbuy

You mean Bestbuy has done the internal investigation without talking to carrier. They dropped $1400 package at mailbox, just like dropped it at sidewalk, that's giveaway, not delivery. They even have no photo to approve which I saw some other threads have mentioned about delivery photo.


It's Bestbuy's responsibility to file claim for this carrier, not let us take the loss.