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Delayed package, and according to UPS they never got the package.



I recently placed an order with you guys for a laptop, it was going all well, I got an email saying it was shipped, but after that, not a single update from the UPS tracking, so I called UPS, and they told me they don't even have my package as they said they don't have a record of it on their system, how would I go about getting a refund, or at least a replacement for the package that was apparently gonna arrive yesterday, as I doubt it's gonna arrive any time soon, because as far as I can tell the package was never shipped according to UPS.

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Re: Delayed package, and according to UPS they never got the package.

Hi, clydeoasis,


Thanks for joining the forums and for reaching out to us today!


I can understand wanting an update on a recent order that is being shipped to you, and I would be happy to review to see what details I can find out. To better assist, please send me a private message with the order information, as well as your full name, phone number, and email address. You can send a private message by logging into the forums and clicking the blue button across from my signature on this post.



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