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Delayed Shipping

I paid for expedite shipping was said to arrive tomorrow but now it’s saying delayed and will be delivered on Wednesday. If I had known that I would have not paid the expedite and got free shipping as this was a free shipping day… Can I get my money back for shipping that did not arrive on time.
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Re: Delayed Shipping

Hello, Cortez1323!


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We appreciate you reaching out regarding your delayed order and sincerely apologize for this shipping experience. It's not the type of experience we want our customers to have. I completely agree items should arrive on the dates offered, especially when you are paying for it. That said, I would love to assist and see what's possible. Can you please send over a private message with your full name. phone number, email address and order number? You can click on "Private Message" next to my signature. 


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Re: Delayed Shipping

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Re: Delayed Shipping

I would get with Alex. That responded to my post he was very useful. But I understand your frustration. I a going on a trip tomorrow so I needed it deliverer today. As I won’t be able to receive my package tomorrow. I will be gone for a week and hopefully it doesn’t get stolen