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Delayed Order

So I ordered Subnautica for the PS4 and selected two day shipping. It kinda sat around at "Preparing" for two days then goes to a "Delayed Shipping" status. No other information. Says it'll keep trying until February 20th. I'm sorry, but what? I go from delivery tomorrow to "hopefully, we'll get your order to you in the next month! If not, we'll just cancel it!" So I'm supposed to just sit around with my thumb up my butt for the next month hoping it ships? Like, I get it, delays happen, but wow would some more information be nice. Is there any possible way of knowing when it'll ship? If not, I'm really inclined to just cancel the order now because even the $7 shipping refund isn't worth waiting around a month for a game I can get at the same price at GameStop.

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Re: Delayed Order

Hello Mrjacobovich,


Thank you for joining the forums and reaching out to us!


I appreciate you choosing us for this purchase. Online shopping is meant to be convenient and simple. I understand where you’re coming from, as it’s never pleasant to find out an order has been delayed. While we do everything we can to ensure orders arrive quickly, sometimes there may be delays due to circumstances beyond our control.


Generally, most orders can be filled within one to four hours, but processing times can vary. With the details you provided during your forum signup, I can see that you have proactively contacted our Customer Care Team. I see they have addressed this for you and I can also see your order now awaiting carrier pickup. I appreciate your time. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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