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Delayed Item delivery

I ordered zfold3 on 19th December. It was supposed to deliver within week. That time it was on sale everywhere however best buy was offering a better price. When phone got delayed I talked to the customer care 2 three times so that I can put request a cancel and order from elsewhere. However whenever I talked to the customer care guys. They said that phone is out for delivery from manufacturing and supposed to reach today to the store(day of customer care chat). I then waited for one or two more days. I Talked again and the customer care guys said that u can pick phone today and u should get a notification today within 2 hours(its in the chat). He even said that I talked to the store and assured. After that I even went to to the store as I did not receive the notification and thought may be there is error in the system. After that I again. Talked to customer care guys in 2 3 days and told them to change the store as phone was available in next close sore. Customer care guy said as your delivery is in process he cannot change the store for pickup. Phones were available in many stores and I was repetitively told that anytime that day I can get the notification. Even today site is accepting new purchases for same item and I am told I can't get it. And now I have nowhere to go when the prices of phone are to its max everywhere and at best buy also. And I am left with already ordered phone accessories.
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Re: Delayed Item delivery

Hello, sanjaypandey,


Thank you for joining our online community. Our hope is always that new members are coming here to report a positive experience. When that is not the case, our team certainly wants to do all we can to help, so I’m glad you’ve reached out.


I am sure you were looking forward to receiving your new phone, and I am sorry to hear the fulfillment was not as seamless as we would have expected. If I were in your position, I would definitely be seeking guidance and support. With a bit more information, I’d love the opportunity to investigate this for you.


Your Private Message has been received. I’ll be checking in with you there, as I will need to validate some information to access the order history.



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