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Damaged order

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My name is Danielle and my husband placed an order online on August 19, 2019 order number {removed per forum guidelines}. This was an open box item that showed it was in excellent condition. Today we received the order and the box was trashed and really beat up. When we open the item it was damaged. The handled was completly smashed in, dents on both sides and the door wasn't even on the correctly. I called custermer service and spoke to a rep by the name Keish who told me that I would have to ship it back,I explained that the item box was trashed and it could not be shipped back. She then told me that I would have to take it back to the store Which is a big inconvience.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told theyt were all busy. I asked for some kind of compensation and was told that i would have to take the item back first and once the order shows complete she would call me back or that i can call back and compensation would be given. I took the item back to the store and got harrased about this is an online order that they don't take online orders back. I explained that i just spoke with customner services and this is what they told me to do. After going back and forth with them in the store they said that they have 2 of the same item in stock. So we told them to do a exchange and we would take one that theyt had in stock. Only now we had to pay an additional 80.00 on top of the inconvience of the returned. After we were done at the store I called the customer service number back and spoke to Alice who could not help me and said that they do not do any ind of compensation. So i asked to speak to a manager after waiting on hold for about 10 min Jose came on the line. I explained the situation yet again and he told me that i should have never took it back to the store i needed to ship it back to them. I then explained that i was unable to as the box was damaged when we received it. I explained what the first rep said to me and i explaiend that she said that they would be able to compensate something. Yet again i was told that they don't do that and that rep mis informed me. So receiving a damaged item that was smashed,dented and the inconvience oh having to take it to the store and being harrased there and the having to pay an additional $80.00 for an item that was not our fault was damanged. There is nothing that he could do. I don't think this is right as a customer. I think there needs to be something done about what the reps are telling customers as well as making sure they all have the same knowledge. This is a big problem and I feel that as a customer we need to be compensated in some way for this big inconvience. 

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Re: Damaged order

Hi there, Danielle,


Welcome to our community forums and thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience with this order. I can certainly understand how frustrating it would be to receive a damaged item and to be unable to ship it back. We do our best to work with our shipping partners to make sure products arrive so you can start using it right away. You mentioned that your husband placed this order, is that correct? In order to protect customer information our Privacy Policy only allows us to provide information and assistance to the original purchaser of an order. This is the person listed in the "Bill To" section. We would be glad to continue looking in to this if your husband were to contact us directly using his own forum profile. He can also visit us on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to hearing from him however he contacts us!

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