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Damaged Lord of the Rings Steelbook set

I am a My Best Buy Elite member. I preordered The Lord of the Rings 4K Steelbook set. It was shipped in padded envelope! A $120 Steelbook set needs to be shipped in a box.


Needless to say, it sustained damage during shipping. I would exchange it, but there is no inventory either in-store or online.


I have already contacted phone support and was told there is no availability for a replacement.


Please let me know how you wish to address this issue.

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Re: Damaged Lord of the Rings Steelbook set

You are nowhere close to alone.  First, these tin sets are not designed for the way these sets are shipped.  Even if they use a box, there is no effort to keep them from getting damaged during shipping.  I've checked out their last tin steelbook set (Rambo) at multiple stores - there is damage to all of them.  Ordered two to be shipped.  Damaged.  And even if the sets don't get damaged, we still run the risk of the spine slashes due to people at multiple points in the process not getting how to open boxes without slicing the contents.


Ordering these LOTR and Hobbit sets was like buying a lottery ticket.  I expected to lose.... and I did.  I was not really expecting them to be in such low supply, though.  The LOTR set just has a paint chip.  The Hobbit set took a hit on the edge above where the steelbooks can be removed.


I don't see anything ever being done with packaging.  No big retailer really cares how items arrive to customers for some reason.  The odd thing is that Best Buy continues to have these exclusives aimed at a crowd that is willing to pay a premium for a "collectible steelbook" and then does everything they can to make sure it arrives damaged.  I'm sure there are plenty of people that put up with damage to other media that is shipped in plastic bags.  But, I can't imagine they don't go through a ton of returns for these steelbooks.  Maybe not this one since the aftermarket price on Ebay is insane.  

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Re: Damaged Lord of the Rings Steelbook set

Hi, sdnativeboy!


Thanks for posting on our forum, although I hate to hear about the state your Steelbook arrived in. I'm sure you were looking forward to receiving this Lord of the Rings set, and I wish it would have arrived to you without any issues. I'm really glad you brought this experience to our attention. Can you please clarify if the discs sustained any damage? Do they play okay?


We wish we had the ability to see the packaging and shipping process through from start to finish to avoid what happened with your purchase. The experience you described is not what we want for our customers. I'd like the chance to formally document your feedback in our corporate system if you'd care to follow up in a private message to me. Please include your full name, email, phone number, and order number in your message. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

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