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Customer service fiasco

I'm about to give up on Best Buy and never buy there again. A couple of months ago I purchased 2 wine coolers online...a matching set. I returned both - one was inoperable, the other damaged, and paid for UPS to come pick them up. Over labor day I tried again...paid $10 more each for them. One was good, the other damaged. Called and they replaced the damaged one. This latest replacement is also damaged - that makes 3 damaged, 1 inoperable. I spoke to 3 customer service reps before being transferred to a geek squad manager who offered nothing better than the first rep: return with complete refund, or 10% to keep the damaged item. 10% doesn't even bring the price down to the open box price, and returning 1 means I must return both. How this benefits Best Buy I"ll never know, but clearly they aren't interested in having happy customers. 6 units have been in my house.  All I want is a working, undamaged unit at the price I bought it for, to match the one I already bought. Is that so unreasonable?  Last chance, Best Buy.  Make good and you'll keep a customer and even save some money.  Otherwise, you have an open box and a damaged unit to contend with. 

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Re: Customer service fiasco

Good afternoon, suzybo,


Welcome to our forums, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.  Receiving one damaged wine cooler would be frustrating enough, so it’s especially disheartening to hear you’ve received multiple damaged wine coolers over the past few months, and I apologize for the frustration this experience has undoubtedly caused. 


I’d like to take a look into your order and offer any additional assistance I can, however, there’s a few pieces of additional information I’ll need from you in order to do so.  If you could use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me the following information:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your order number


As you can imagine, we’ll want to keep this sensitive information out of the public view of our Support Forums, so be sure to use the blue “Private Message” button in my signature to send me this information.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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