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Customer Service phone call back is NOT Deaf friendly

Best Buy,

Deaf person here.  I am very frustrated and disappointed in your customer service.  I called them and was put on hold so I waited for an hour until they disconnected.  I called back and decided to let them call me back later when available.  However, when they called me 2 hours later and I picked it after 3 rings, the recording didn't wait for input (something about want to take call) and immediately disconnected.


This is NOT Deaf friendly (in other words, NOT accessible and how this system works gives more benefit to hearing people than Deaf people) because what you have to realize is when customer service call to me, the phone call first goes to interpreter center (Video Relay Service).  When interpreter picks it up, the interpreter then has to place call to me (via videophone).  The interpreter cannot take any action on phone to customer service until I pick my videophone up.  I assume what happened was the phone call from customer service was "recorded message" waiting for input from the callee, but it waited too short and disconnected, wasting 2 hours of my time (I could have been at different location doing other stuff).


So, Best Buy, what will you do to fix this to make it fair to Deaf customers?  But before you attempt to fix it, please answer my question intended for customer service (I refuse to do phone thing again because of ridiculous situation above).  What I want to know is why hasn't my order (Xenoblade Chronicle 2 Special Edition) arrived today?  Today is release date, so I want to know why.  May I ask to expedite shipping to me for free in order to make up for the trouble the customer service caused to me today (phone disconnected, not waiting for me to answer, and delay on delivering order)?


Thank you for your time.

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Re: Customer Service phone call back is NOT Deaf friendly

Hi everaldocq,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for the post! Personally, I’ve used the callback option as a convenient way to free up some time where I would normally be on hold. Having thought about it now, I can absolutely see how this system wouldn’t work as well for some customers. I’m sorry this was your experience!


We love feedback like this. I absolutely appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I’ll be documenting this in a case at our corporate office so that it can be looked at for internal review.


While we make every attempt to get gaming orders fulfilled so that they arrive on the release date, there are occasions where this mark is missed. Using the information you provided when you registered for the forums, it looks like your package was delivered December 4. I certainly apologize for the delay. I hope you are otherwise able to enjoy the game!



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Re: Customer Service phone call back is NOT Deaf friendly

Thank you for the reply.  Please keep me posted on the process.  I would like to know what method Best Buy plan to implements to resolve this not Deaf friendly callback system.  I also would like to know when it is in effect so Deaf people can use callback option.