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Customer Escalation (Action Needed)

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Hello team,
I am writing to try and get support for my recent order issue. At this point my order has been:
  1. Delivery Promised on four separate occasions (and not delivered)
  2. I have been told that it was sold to someone else now (since it was open box)
  3. Have been told to expect calls back from the General Manager of the store (which still has not happened),
  4. Have been promised a brand new item by customer service (which also has not been delivered).
I initially purchased this item (open box Dryer) on Sept 5th in the Woodland CA store. As this was physically in the store in front of me, I was going to take it home that same day - but was told I could have it delivered to my house instead. Happily I agreed on a Sept 16th delivery date, and made arrangements to be home to receive it. After adjusting my schedule to plan the delivery, my order was cancelled and rescheduled for Sept 19th. I understand things happen and agreed to delivery on the 19th instead.
After adjusting my schedule again, I was sad to see the text message on the 19th that my delivery was canceled a second time. After calling the customer service number, I was told that my open box item has been resold to someone else and was no longer in stock. Shocked by that fact this could happen, I begrudgingly accepted the promise that a similar open box item would be delivered on Sept 23rd. Still unhappy with the experience I asked to speak to the Customer Service supervisor, and was told I would receive a call back in 30m to an hour. No one called me back.
On Sept 23rd, my item was again not delivered - and at this point I did not know what to do. Frustrated by needing to re-explain this issue time and time again, I opened a chat with a rep and was profusely apologised to and assured that a brand new dryer would be delivered today on 9/26. After adjusting my schedule again (for a fourth time), this was again not delivered. After calling CS again I was apologized to - and told to that the phone rep could not approve a new item, and the GM from the store was emailed and would call me within 1-2 hours. Additionally I was told that the phone CS rep would call me in the afternoon to confirm that the store stepped in to resolve the issue. This was another unfilled promise, and neither of these calls have happened.
Fast forward to now, it has now not been delivered on four separate occasions. I have been repeatedly assured that it would arrive, and promised multiple calls back from (from CS reps, from CS supervisors, and even the General Manager of the location) all of whom have not returned my ask for help. I have also been told to expect some "compensation" which has also not been shared. This is not how a world class business operates. But reselling their items, repeatedly breaking promises, and failing to return multiple calls that have been committed.
Please help me here, I am a long time Best Buy customer and Best Buy Credit Card holder, but this recent horrid experience as me questioning if I will ever do business here again.
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Re: Customer Escalation (Action Needed)

Hello, sacking101,


Welcome to our Forums! We appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us here, though I wish it were under better circumstances. I definitely understand why you'd be disappointed in the customer service and delivery service you've experienced thus far. I'd like to look into this and see what options we can find for you. If you'd like me to assist, kindly hit the blue Private Message button near my signature and respond with your name, phone number, and email so I can further look into this for you.



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