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Curbside Pick-up, Order not in stores system


This is my first time using Curbside pick-up so don't know if this is normal however I wasn't contacted about my delivery being available the day I was told to pick it up. I've seen other posts on the internet with similar issues posted here. This is very frustrating because I had the option to ship and choose to save a few bucks and days and pick it up. When I used the automated service to check the status of my order they have no record of it. I'm not concerned about complaining as much as just getting my product. Who do I have to talk to in order to find the actual status of my order or is this normal and I'll eventually get my item and there was simply a delay with everything going on. 

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Re: Curbside Pick-up, Order not in stores system

Here are the guidelines for Order Pickup Curbside:


Just like with In Store pickup , you would receive an email that said your order is ready for pickup.


The link explains directions on how to claim your item when you arrive at the store.


Because of the situation going on, it's possible that the staff are overwhelmed with orders or there may be a shortage of people working in the stores during COVID - 19 so they are doing their best.


Otherwise the link above should address all your questions.


FYI- Some items that may be listed in stock, they could be very well shipped from another store to fulfill your order locally which may add to the delay in pickup but you will still get your item and the sale price will be honored since you locked in your order.


In the ship to store scenario you'l still receive an email to pickup when its ready.



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Re: Curbside Pick-up, Order not in stores system

That doesn't really explain why my order isn't appearing in their systems. I'm fine with a delay but I've waited a week and would just like to know what my order status is considering I could've had the item shipped instead. Would be very annoying if they make me wait 2 weeks and then simply cancel my order when I could've had it shipped to me. Just trying to check the actual status of my package. 

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Re: Curbside Pick-up, Order not in stores system

Hello there, jsanta, 


If you are still needing support with this, please send us over a private message with your phone number, full name, and email. We'd be happy to take a look.


To send a private message, simply select the darker colored box to the far right of my signature below. 

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