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Cracked Screen on never opened/used TV

We purchased a 65” LG tv on in November 11/27/2017 during the construction of our new home so we would not be buying all new electronics at once. We had the tv delivered to the home we were living in and never opened it and left it in all the original packaging due to not needing until our new construction was complete. Yesterday 7/11/18 we finally opened the tv to install in our new home and the screen and casing of the tv was cracked. My husband took it in to Best Buy, where we’ve always had amazing service, and he was told there is absolutely NOTHING they can do for us even though the tv is still in all the original packaging and has never been all the way out of the box. We are now out of pocket $1000 with the TV cost and the geek squad warranty cost and have a broken tv in the original box that has never been used that we can do nothing with. We are very loyal Best Buy customers and I’m just so disappointed that Best Buy is saying there is absolutely NOTHING to be done. I even called customer service, which is what the Best Buy store advised and still no help. Just disappointing and very frustrating that we have a $1000 paperweight or could have just flushed the money down the toilet.
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Re: Cracked Screen on never opened/used TV

Hello Eewithers,


Welcome to our community. There is nothing so upsetting as opening a brand new product only to discover that it has a fault of some kind or will not operate as expected. While I've never had it happen with a major purchase like a new TV, I too have encountered this and the disappointment was real and deep. I was unhappy to hear you've had this occur and that your endeavor to have this addressed at your local store did not earn the results for which you hoped. I regret any inconvenience to you.


As I'm sure you know, Best Buy's Return & Exchange Promise allows for the return or exchange of most products within 15 days of purchase (30 days for My Best Buy Elite members and 45 days for Elite Plus members). Additionally, our return and exchange period was extended for Holiday purchases, but the extension ended on Jan. 14. Outside these time frames, and given that eight months have passed since your purchase, Best Buy cannot offer a return or exchange.


Additionally, and with apologies, Best Buy would not be able to offer a return due to the TV being damaged. I understand from your rmessage that Best Buy delivered the TV, but between the delivery and now, the TV has been moved at least one additional time by you -- from your old home to your new one -- so there is no way to determine when the damage occurred.


If you decide to pursue repairs for your TV, Geek Squad should be able to assist. Please give them a call at (800) 433-5778. Alternatively, LG may have options for you. You can reach LG Support via (800) 243-0000.


Please know I am grateful you took the time to write to us and share your experience with us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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