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Corporate please help with my claim process

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I have called and been on the phone for hours with Best Buy and UPS customer service just to get a replacement item but at this point I no longer want any more business with Best Buy and would just like a refund. My order was placed and delivered incorrectly by UPS I filed a claim with UPS and the case was closed in my favor.  I got the claim number from UPS and provided it to Best Buy who now is giving me more steps to complete before I can be given a refund. I honestly feel like I have done so much legwork I should be paid for the hours I've spent on the phone my phone bill should be paid and I should receive my refund. This is the first time my order has ever been flagged by Best Buy I have never had issues before it was just random. As a matter of fact in this order there were two pieces one piece I received the second one which is of the claim was delivered to the wrong address. I feel like I've gone through so many hoops and I have not been provided any consistent and useful solution. Every time I asked to speak with a manager or supervisor I am told they are busy and would get a call back even though I offered to stay on the line because they never called back all that happens is the call drops or I never got a callback. I already sent an email to Best Buy or UPS tracer claim results requesting them to send me the claim results even though UPS told me through their automated system and through a manager that they will only provide information to the shipper not the receiver. And even though I relay this information to every Best Buy customer service agent I've spoken with they still insist on me calling UPS on a three-way or sending UPS an email it's almost like they want to waste my time. This is no way a customer should ever be treated in any type of industry. I know I will never do business with Best Buy again. Please help get this to someone in corporate so they can explain to me why their customers need to go through this hassle during a pandemic and provide me a refund and some sort of compensation for al my time wasted. I'm sure if they look through their records they can see with my order number and the amount of times and hours I've wasted on the phone and the amount of notes that supposedly have been written by all these agents which I do not believe most of the time they are writing notes.

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Jan 20, 2021

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Re: Corporate please help with my claim process

So another day in the phone with Best Buy and ups. Ups has now opened a THIRD CLAIM!!!! On the same issue. The first was closed incorrectly the second was closed correctly and now there’s a third ?? Idk why. Also Best Buy reps seem more like robots reading off a script more and more every time I call. Oh and the call back I was waiting for yesterday form the supervisor never came in. I really don’t know why Best Buy even has its contract with UPS They should have gone with FedEx. Also there should be a way to contact corporate faster than this. Oh and one last thing for today no idea why Best Buy has ups send them claim results through an enterprise software(I was told by ups and Best Buy) if they are just going to check the tracking number, which UPS never updates in real time. I was told the claim with ups was from 5-8 days and now that it’s been supposedly closed(told to me by a ups representative from an incoming call) there is another 1-8 days for the closing process
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Re: Corporate please help with my claim process

Hello, Brodri94, 


Welcome to our community here on the Best Buy forums. I can see that you've gone through quite the process with your recent order with us, and having three UPS claims submitted. I would love to dig in and see what all I can find here for you. What you've described here is not at all the experience we want for our customers, and I am excited you found us here so that we can step in and get to the bottom of this with you.


To begin researching this, I will just need you to send me a private message that includes your order number, phone number, full name, and email. To send a private message, simply select the darker colored box to the far right of my signature below. 


Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Faith|Social Media Supervisor | Best Buy® Corporate
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