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Corporate Customer - COMPLAINT

Every year for my company's annual holiday party we purchase holiday gifts for approximately 100 employees utilizing best buy gift cards that we obtain by cashing in our credit card points. This year, I've spent almost $4,500.00 on gifts on Best On November 8, 2019 I went to use the last remaining gift card balance on the final gift purchase. Shortly after placing the order I received an email with my confirmation which was subsequently followed by another email stating that one of the gift cards failed confirmation and that I needed to call in to customer support to process the order. After speaking with a customer service agent at Best Buy, we were told that there was a glitch in Best Buy's system, that the order would need to be cancelled, that Best Buy would honor the ticket price of the purchase I was trying to make PLUS a 10% discount on that purchase, but that I would need to wait 24 to 48 hours for the balance to be refunded to the gift cards so that they could be used again towards the new purchase. I said ok, hung up the phone and recieved an email stating that my order had been cancelled. To date, it is November 15, 2019, my staff and I have called Best Buy THREE times regarding the balance that has not been refunded to the gift cards. They keep telling us that they dont know why the money has not been put back on the cards. Every rep we have spoken to has stated that they can see the order was cancelled and that the balance should have been returned to the cards. Three days ago we were told that Best Buy would call us back within 24 hours. They never did. I have two open case numbers, and I have contacted a local Best Buy store.  The Best Buy Store states they cannot assist, that only corporate support can help us. If you would like for me to blast Best Buy all over Social Media for more or less stealing the money that rightfully belongs to my company on those cards, I will gladly do so. This will be the last year we purchase our holiday party gifts from Best Buy and I will make sure that our sister properties do the same. 

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Re: Corporate Customer - COMPLAINT

Hello, Aarnold7351,


We appreciate you sharing your experience, although I can certainly see why you’d be looking for some support for the funds that should have been returned to the gift cards. It sounds like you’ve been a very loyal customer, and I wish this had not been something you’d encountered. Our team is based out of our Corporate Office, and all support teams should be keeping detailed records of any interactions with our customers, for further review in rare circumstances such as this. We’d be glad to see what actions have been taken thus far, and what options we may have available to assist from this platform.


When you have the time, please send a private message, which you can do by selecting the darker blue button to the far right of my name below. Please be sure to include your full name, email address, and telephone number. There may be additional details we’d need to request later, but this will get us started for now.


We look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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