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Confirmation Email?

Recently I purchased laptop on a guest account off of best buy. A few hours later I got an email telling me my card was declined (because of my spending limit) so my order was on hold until I updated the payment info. So I went on to my order information and tried adding my second card, but the save button wasn't doing anything. I called customer service and gave the guy on the phone my other cards information and he told me that he didn't think that card would work with best buy (even though its listed on the website that it does) but if it did then I should get a confirmation email. I got a notification from my bank telling me the money for my order had been taken from my account so I assumed my order had gone through and that I would receive an email of some sort telling me that my order had gone off of hold or something. That didn't happen so I called again just to make sure everything was okay and that my order was being processed and the lady said that it was, and I asked if I should be getting an email and she said yes. I haven't gotten any emails and when I try to find information on my order through the SMS message it just never sends. I am positive that my order is under the right email. Will my laptop continue to process and then ship without emailing me? Should I be getting emails about any of these things? The lady on the phone told me the card had gone through and was verified and that the order was now processing so im wondering if maybe theres just some sort of problem with the emails or if they are just extremely delayed (its been hours) could anyone maybe tell me whats going on? 

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Re: Confirmation Email?

Hey, raynepie,


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You should be able to access your order on by looking up a guest order. If you need additional support, I would be happy to look into this for you and see what answers I may be able to provide.


To do so, I would need you to click on the blue button in my signature below to send me a private message. There, please provide your full name, email, and phone number.



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