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I pre-rdered the new pixel buds from Best buy and they come in only two colors. I ordered the olive green and when I see that they have shipped, I noticed they are sending me the white ones. I get an email from Best buy saying they may have sent me the wrong color before I even received the item. So instead of them fixing the situation since I don't even have the item yet they tell me that when I receive it if I want to get the correct color I have to return it myself. I see they have the color I want in stock at the store near me, the same day the item is supposed to arrive. Best buy tells me I should receive the item by 8:00 p.m. So I wait all day for the headphones so I can return them and get the color I want. The item ends up coming a day late and on top of that the next day when it comes it arrives at 7:30 p.m., which gives me only about an hour to get my correct headphones before the store closes. So as soon as I receive the item I had straight to the store so I can get the color headphones I want. I got there only to find out that they're actually no longer in stock on top of that I have to find out after waiting in a 30-minute line. The guy at the register tells me he can only return the item and not order the correct ones. Then even if I order them myself I have to wait an additional week just to receive the item. I used a $5 certificate to purchase the item the first place and I also purchased other products along with the headphones. When I get my refund they also deduct a percentage of the $5 certificate. So instead of just putting it towards the other items I purchase they take that percentage away from my refund which I'm assuming now I'm just going to get a small percentage of her certificate back which doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Basically putting a gun to my head saying hey you still got to shop at our store since we're giving you part of a certificate refund back when you could have just used it towards my other item. So in the end I'm left without the item, with my time and effort wasted because they could not rectify their mistake.
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Re: Complaint

Hello, HughesRancho,


Welcome back to our community forums and thank you for letting us know about your experience with this order. I know that I keep headphones for quite a while and I would want to make sure I received the color I preferred. We strive to make the purchasing experience as smooth as possible so I'm disappointed to hear that there was a delay once these headphones had shipped.


I know that stopping by your local Best Buy isn't always the easiest option. We offer the ability to make returns via mail. You can learn more about this process here and even generate a pre-paid shipping label in the future.


As you mentioned, the point value that was used towards a product will generally be refunded in the event a product is returned or cancelled. Because this five dollar certificate was applied to several items on your order the amount used on these headphones was refunded.


I appreciate you providing your feedback about this order and I hope we can welcome you back again soon to assist you with your next purchase. If you need any assistance at that time, please don't hesitate to let us know.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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