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I attempted to purchase a PS5 as part of a bundle on 12/21/2020. I was at the payment stage when the PS5 was removed from the order, however I was not given any notification of this before the payment was processed, so I ended up buying the rest of the bundle without the console. I understand how this kind of thing can happen when a lot of people are trying to check out at the same time, but it should be made very clear to customers when what they are buying changes.

I called the customer service number as soon as I realized what had happened  (within 30 minutes of placing the order) and was told I would be refunded for the items I purchased, but this has not yet happened. I then requested an address to which to complain from your customer service team but was told there isn't one (that seems like a serious deficiency in customer service).

I would like this rectified by being provided a refund for the items I purchased.

Thank you.

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Re: Complaint

Hello, TC0110,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! While I wish the circumstances were happier, I appreciate you taking the time to create a forum account to share this experience with us. 


I know how excited I am when I add a product I've had my eye on to my order. I can imagine how I'd feel if I placed the order only to realize later on that one of the items was removed from my cart. That's not the stress-free shopping experience we had planned to provide, so we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.


While I can understand your frustration at an item being removed from your order because it was out of stock, you would need to return the other products you purchased to receive a return. You can check out our Return & Exchange Promise to have a better idea of how that process would work. 







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