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It's absurd what you did to me. I bought a Laptop to take on father's day. On the site you promised to deliver 15 day. And not delivered. Day 16 I went to another store and bought another gift for my father. Now you give me away late, day 17, and simply say: sorry. As if that would solve my problem. At the 16 day, father's day, was forced to rush out looking for another present. I spent other money that's going to make me miss during the month. Whose fault? My fault that don't. It was your fault. And you just tell me: Sorry, sorry. And with that you are clean. And the customer, IE I get the bomb in my hand. The injury is only mine. If I had made a mistake against you, even for just 1 dollar hosting, I'm sure you wouldn't send my product and would not forgive me. An apology on my part does not solve the problem, you would not accept. But you, with an excuse or regret, solve your side. And the customer can suck it. My company and my colleagues don't buy more with you.

I'm very disappointed and saddened by the despair that I passed. You tricked me.

my name is Ruth [Removed per forum guidelines]

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Re: Complaint

I know how you feel! "Sorry"--that doesn't help! It doesn't fix the problem! Don't say sorry, do something about it!
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Re: Complaint

Hello, sapphir,

Thank you for posting on the Best Buy Forums.

I'm not sure that I'm quite understanding all of your post, so if I misunderstand something, please feel free to correct me. If I'm following things correctly, it sounds like you might have experienced an unexpected delay with your order, and that another computer was purchased elsewhere to ensure you had a gift on Father's Day. I apologize for any inconvenience that this caused you. Did you ultimately receive your original order? If not, what is the current status of the order?



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