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Complaint on Order

The website showed the product was available. Placed the order through customer care at the end of October, after a week it was cancelled without notification. Customer care mentioned that the product was not in stock. The product still shows available in stock on the website with estimated delivery dates. Messed up my thanksgiving gift!
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Re: Complaint on Order

Unfortunately, inventory can change at any given time and while stock may be limited other customers may have completed their checkout before you and when fulfilling your order, it was discovered it was not in stock. Somtimes this happens and can happen with other retailers as well


You can try and order it again or see if a store has it in stock and drive there to get it. 


FYI Not all items are held in the warehouse at Best Buy's warehouses, they contract with the manufacturers of items to send items direct from their warehouse after transmitting the orders. Sometimes also if a store has it in stock they will transmit the order from a nearby store and they will send it to your house. 


Its all about logistics. 

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Re: Complaint on Order

Thank you so much for the response. I forgot to mention that this was the second order within a space of a week that I had placed for the same product. Either the product is completely out of stock and is not updated on the website. I do understand that products go out of stock, but there should be some notification that my order was cancelled. I did not receive it until I checked my orders after a week.

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Re: Complaint on Order

Hey, finnyjf!


Thanks for posting on our forum for support. I hate to hear your order was cancelled and that this wasn't the first time this has happened. I know how frustrating this can be, and I understand your concerns.

While hockeycanuckjc provided great insight into how our shipping and product availability works, I'm happy to offer any additional support that I can at this time. Have you added to your safe sender's list? This will help ensure that you're receiving emails from us regarding orders.



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