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Complaint | Item lost in shipping, no ownership



After a lot of back and forth between bestbuy helpdesk and UPS - I'm turning to this forum for help. Hope something positive comes out and I don't get the usual answer that I get from bestbuy support


I placed an order for Playstation 4 pro (Jet Black) console on 3rd December - the order was delayed for delivery - the new expected delivery date was set to 16th December 2019. Since, I was an out of station customer, after chatting with your helpdesk, I made necessary arrangement for the parcel to be received. However, it has been a month, the parcel is YET TO ARRIVE at its destination.


When I discussd with your agent on 10th Dec'19, he/she mentioned that I should get in touch with the Shipping company directly since the parcel is out of bestbuy's purview. I reached out to UPS immediately and they asked me to wait, since it was the holiday season - I waited for a full 2 weeks and when I still didn't receive the package, raised an Investigation with UPS. UPS executive mentioned that the investigation would take 8 business days - which I duly waited out.


When I reached out to UPS after those 8 days, UPS mentioned that they had closed the resolution and that they had sent the resolution to BBY MEC CA - I once again reached out to bestbuy (twice) - yet again, bestbuy associates turned a blind eye - no help, no investigation, no escalation nothing - I was one again, asked to contact UPS since, and now I'm being read this rule that a 30 day period for returns etc. had lapsed and bestbuy (as per their policy) cannot help any further


Now, this blasphemical 

1. I was provided no information on a 30-day return period - infact, I was told that I cannot initiate a return pretty blatantly - during my first converstaion on 10th Dec'19

2. How am I at fault and why am I being taken for a ride? I ordered and paid for the package in full - bestbuy has received its money - I owe bestbuy nothing but bestbuy still owes me my product - where is it?

3. I did exactly what was asked for the last month by both bestbuy and UPS - then why am I still here?

4. Yet neither do I have the package, nor do I have any ownership for any of bestbuy or UPS - why? why are these corporations turning blind eye to absolutely clear and open problem

 - The UPS tracking website and the bestbuy website - clearly show that the order was never RECEIVED - why then the ignorance?


I really need help? and help that really matters, help resolve this issue and show some ownership.


Turning to bestbuy for that.


Please help.


I can provide necessary details, if someone needs them - please PM me.




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Re: Complaint | Item lost in shipping, no ownership

The return period doesnt start until you receive the item. It would be 15 days at this point. A moderator will reply here when you turn comes up. They should be able to sort this out.
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Re: Complaint | Item lost in shipping, no ownership

I have an update from UPS - thankfully atleast they are responding on time and have some ownership - which I am yet to see at bestbuy - here is the thread.


I've done my bit - now can someone from bestbuy please take a lead on this? Please help ASAP



Date: Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 6:25 PM
Subject: C-0031269772 - Tracking/Tracking Information [ ref:_00DF05wsA._5003k1hwBP7:ref ]
To: <>

Dear Bharat,

Thank you for your reply.  We show that the investigation has been closed already and we sent the resolution to your shipper, If your shipper doesn't have the information please contact them and request get in contact with us to check on this directly.

I hope this information helps you.  


Yerlin G. 
UPS Customer Support
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Re: Complaint | Item lost in shipping, no ownership

Hi - thanks! yes agree with you - which is what I told suppor team but they were insistent they cannot help - will wait for a moderator to assist. Thanks again!

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Re: Complaint | Item lost in shipping, no ownership

Hi, Bharat,


Thanks for joining the Best Buy Community forums. A lost package is never fun. I'd be happy to look into this for you to see if there's anything I can do to assist.


Please send a message over to me through the link in my signature below this post. If you can include your name, email address, phone number, and order number, I'll be happy to dig in and see if I can help out with your package.



Kyle R|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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