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Order utilizing OnTrac appears to be lost in shipping limbo since 11/20.



So an order I placed online well over a week ago changed status on 11/20 stating it was "shipped" utilizing OnTrac.  Since then, the status has not changed. Per their own site, they are still awaiting package.


I don't want to lose the sale prices I placed this order with.  And based on prior topics, OnTrac seems to persistently have shipping issues.





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No tracking in over a week

I ordered an Apple Pencil on the 27th of last month, and currently it's marked as "shipped" and "arriving today" but there's been no tracking number received, and it just tells me "We’re waiting for UPS to provide your tracking information, but it should be available soon."


It'd certainly be nice to know what's happened

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Need to find my order number

I had purchased an Apple Watch that was on sale for Cyber Monday. I purchased it it came to a total of $130.31 the item itself was $119. It was said to be delivered by December 2nd.
It hasn’t came and I wanted to check the status, but I didn’t have a email for it.
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Never received package

I have an interesting issue here and could not find an answer to my problem. I bought something November 25th and my package was suppose to arrive December 2nd and it is now December 5th. Now I have a tracking number and that tracking number was created November 25th. UPS is aware of the tracking number and claims to be awaiting the package and that they have NEVER received it and Best Buy claims to have already shipped it. The tracking number by the way, has only been available to me since December 1st I believe and there has been no update on it what so ever. Im wondering if my package was stolen because what’s also interesting is that my package was suppose to be delivered with 2nd day air or 2 day air which is a 2 day delivery service and I have never receive my package, because again, UPS claims to have never received it yet and Best Buy claims to have shipped it.
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Delayed Order Caused Missed Gift Opportunity

I was expecting my order to pick up last Friday (12/04) so that I could drop off the gift on my Mother's doorstep for a surprise.  It was delayed and we didn't have anything to give to her on Saturday.  The item is still not available for pickup yet and I am both saddened and angry that we didn't have anything for her.  How can this be resolved?

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DO NOT choose same day delivery

I have been a pretty loyal Best Buy customer and they may have lost me over a service they probably shouldn't offer.  If you can't actually deliver something when you say you can, don't offer it!  In the past, I would have chosen in store pick up.  I figured since I am an "Elite" member I would take advantage of the "Same Day" delivery.  I ordered well before the cut off so that I would receive the product by 9pm.  Here it is the next morning, well after stores are open and no update. I can't even change my order to store pick up.  If you are not going to deliver on your promise, at least give me the option to make a change and pick it up myself.  Sorry Best Buy, but you may have lost a loyal customer over this one.  I know the couple thousand I spend with you each year isn't a big deal and that's unfortunate for us as consumers.