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Charged full price for lease.

I signed up for a progressive lease, I was approved and paid the initial fee and paid a little extra to best buy for shipping to get my order sooner, went to my bank account to verify that the money had been pulled out to see that my account is now negative and I was charged the full price for the items I signed a lease agreement for, saw some people saying that double charges are normal but haven't seen anything about being double charged for a lease agreement, in total I was charge $1319.65 for my order with shipping and the $63.85 for the lease, I should have only been charge the $77.69 for shipping and the $63.85 for the initial payment on the lease. Please help.
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Re: Charged full price for lease.

I agree it should not work that way.  


But I bet what messed it up was making the change to pay extra for the shipping. That may have altered the metric to dump the lease and go full on charge, possibly since the full price had gone higher. 


However, I would think that they would have declined the charge if you didn't have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the $1319.65 

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Re: Charged full price for lease.

It didn't change the price for the lease though, I had to pay the shipping and the leasing company paid the rest, thats what was set up so im not understanding how that would change anything because the shipping cost wasn't a part of the lease, I called customer service at best buy and was told that the leasing company didn't pay for anything and I'd have to take the items back to the store and request a refund and they would help me set everything up but I checked my account with progressive leasing and the lease is still set up and when I checked my receipt from best buy is says that they charged the total to progressive and they charged the shipping to me. When my stuff arrives im going down to a store to get it all figured out, this is a mess and should not have happened, I just want my money back.
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Re: Charged full price for lease.

Hey, Bdavenport,


Thanks for your message and question about your recent order where you used Progressive Leasing. I hear that you believe you may have been double charged. That does sound very strange, so I'm glad you reached out.


Generally speaking, payment issues or questions about billing for Progressive Leasing orders should be directed to (877) 898-1970, but before you reach out to them, I'd like to take a look at your order from my end so I can review any credit card charges from the initial order payment. Sometimes payment authorization on a credit card may initially look like a charge before they drop, so it's possible that could be what you're seeing if both progressive leasing and a credit card were entered on your order initially. To allow me to review your order, please private message with your full name, phone number, email address, and order number (if available). 



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