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Change Shipping Method



My order has been listed as "Getting Ready" for the past 12 days. I am very happy that best buy ships to Guam however it starts UPS then transfers to USPS via ship to Guam and takes sometimes up to 30 days to arrive.


With my item being delayed for so long is there any option for me to upgrade to USPS Priority Shipping for faster delivery?



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Re: Change Shipping Method

Orders of all kinds for all areas are delayed; it's just the new reality we're living in thanks to COVID-19.  Orders being shipped to Guam and similar areas that are farther away will naturally take longer to begin with, so unfortunately, this means additional delays.  I don't think they're avoidable, sadly.


The best thing you can do is to keep checking your order status, and maybe reach out to the carrier to see if they've bumped up your shipping rate, but I don't think they tend to allow modifications. Order Shipping

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