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Case of fraud using Best Buy card and

I am VERY concerned with the way Best Buy handles fraud cases. On May 17, 2017, I received an email confirmation for a order that was placed and paid for, using my Best Buy credit card. I DID NOT make this purchase, which was it be shipped to a town approximately 6 hours from me. I immediately contacted Best Buy customer service, explained that I had not made the purchase. I was transferred to credit card services, where my account was closed. I was told that a case for fraud would be opened and I could expect a phone call from the Best Buy’s security division within 30 days. I requested that the order be cancelled and was told it was, but later that afternoon, I received am email telling me my order had shipped. UGHHH! I called Best Buy customer service a second time and was told there was nothing that could be done. I then called UPS to have the package returned to the shipper (Best Buy), was told by UPS that the shipper is the only one that can request a change in delivery. AGAIN, I called Best Buy customer service and asked them to contact UPS, I was told that wasn’t possible, but after explaining to a supervisor that I had in good faith tried to cancel the purchase and that I would not be responsible for payment of the item did he contact UPS. The supervisor wanted to change the delivery address to my home address so I could just return the item to the store, but I said no, a police report had been filed and I felt that that might look suspicious. Only after, the item was finally returned to a Best Buy processing center was the purchase price refunded back to me.

I still have no idea how someone got ahold of my Best Buy account to make this fraudulent purchase. I have checked my other accounts and my credit report, the only account that has been compromised is my Best Buy account. So I am thinking my account was compromised on Best Buy’s end.

On June 6, 2017, I received paperwork to fill out and return no later than 15 days from the date of the cover letter, that date was May 25, 2017. Some of the questions on the paperwork consisted of the current whereabouts of my Best Buy card, had I given anyone permission to use my card, did I know who made the purchase and would I accept responsible for the fraudulent purchase and pay for the charge made with my Best Buy card. The paperwork also wanted names and signatures of everyone in my household.

As of June 28, 2017, other than the paperwork mentioned above, I have not been contacted by anyone from any department with Best Buy.

If I had not spent countless hours trying to stop order from being processed, shipped and then stopping delivered, a thief would have gotten away with stealing from me and Best Buy. But then I don’t think Best Buy really cares, they would have tried to hold me responsible anyway!

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Re: Case of fraud using Best Buy card and

Best Buy would not necessarily have held you responsible "anyway." You did the right thing, contact Best Buy and I'm guessing Citibank to close the account and dispute the charge as fraudulent, and get a police report filed.
The paperwork you received would have been Best Buy's contact from their security division. If they needed anything more from you they would or could still, contact you again.

Best Buy works with the police and other investigative authorities to try keep their losses to a minimum.

You went above and beyond what you needed to do in order to get the product returned to Best Buy. Best Buy may have been trying to catch the thieves by delivering the product, but you thwarted that possibility. Best Buy does carry insurance for such losses had it occurred and the thieves gotten away. I understand your point of view, and you did nothing wrong, just more than you needed to.

Best Buy most likely won't contact you again if they have everything they need from you. Thank you for being diligent on your finances and getting your account closed. You may wish to monitor your other credit cards to see if anything occurs in the future, it's entirely possible that if thieves have your other information they just haven't acted on it yet. The breach on your Best Buy credit card may have happened on Best Buy's end or somewhere else. It could have happened years ago and the thieves just got around to using yours now. We may never know.

Before posting I try to research everything first or use my own experiences. I do not now nor have I ever worked for Best Buy. After a year and a half hiatus, I'm back working for the competition.
If you respond to a post of mine, I will read it. I may or may not post in the thread again, but rest assured I will read your response Smiley Happy
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Re: Case of fraud using Best Buy card and

Hello MRG17,


As I know from my own recent experience, having a credit account compromised is quite upsetting. Apart from the feelings of having been violated and the impact on my feelings toward companies that were trusted, there is a lot of work and time to invest in ensuring that all efforts are made to keep products from the hands of thieves and taking the appropriate measures to ensure it doesn't occur a gain. I was mightily dismayed to read that you too have had to cope with such a situation and I apologize for our having disappointed you in our response to your concerns.


Walrus has shared some excellent insights into your situation. I want to thank you for your efforts to protect Best Buy's interests -- not to mention your own -- in trying to ensure the shipment arrived back to our hands. I know that all of the subsequent work, like the form Citibank sent out to gather information on the incident, doesn't go far to put one at ease either. Generally speaking, Best Buy doesn't reach out to our customers regarding events such as this -- as Walrus pointed out -- though we do cooperate fully with the police in their investigations and encourage you to seek additional information from them should it become necessary.


I will ensure your remarks are made available to our corporate teams. I am extremely grateful you took the time to share your experience so eloquently and in such detail. Please know it is appreciated.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Case of fraud using Best Buy card and

I had two reasons for posting my experience. First, to make other customers aware of just how poorly Best Buy and any credit card company associated with Best Buy handles cases of fraud.


Second, to hopefully have Best Buy reevaluate their policies that are in place regarding how fraud cases are handled and change them because the current policies are a JOKE! It would be nice if safe guards were put in place to ensure the accounts of customers are safe and secure. For example, how about contacting customers to verify an order, when the shipping address isn’t close to one ever used by the account holder or when it Best Buy is notified of a fraudulent order while it’s still being processed DO NOT ship it out. I would think this would be a whole lot cheaper, less time consuming, and then filing an insurance claim after the fact.


It is unfortunate that Walrus feels that I did nothing wrong, but at the same times feels the need to let me know I may have “thwarted” Best Buy’s investigation by stopping the delivery of the fraudulent purchase. My question to him is WHAT INVESTIGATION? I have no idea if an investigation ever happened and neither does he. Best Buy has the IP address that was used when the crime of fraud was committed, why would the item need to be delivered in order for a thief to be caught when a crime has already been committed. Had Best Buy told me even once during the many phone calls I made to them trying to stop delivery, that delivery needed to happen in order to catch the thief, I wouldn’t have spent the time to stop it.


As for the paperwork that I was sent to fill out, it did not apply to my situation at all and is a very poor way of communicating. Not to mention the poor timing guidelines of said paperwork. By the time I received the paperwork, I had a day and a half to fill out all the forms, gather information request and return by the deadline. With the paperwork being dated 8 days (May 25, 2017), after I contacted Best Buy concerning this incident, the return deadline was 15 days from the May 25 date. It makes it hard for a customer to meet required deadlines when it takes 12 days to receive (June 6, 2017) the paperwork. But, I guess that is the fault of the Post office.


The threads concerning fraud on Best Buy’s forum seem to have a common theme. The poster is given advice on how to handle and who to contact to fix the situation. The problem that I see with said advice is Best Buy never takes responsibility for poor security policies or is Best Buy willing to take an active role in helping fix the issue from the start. Why must a  customer must always contact other companies or businesses to fix a problem that occurred at a Best Buy store or on


I find Best Buy’s lack of action and commutation a deal breaker. It shows just how uncaring they are when a customer has been violated. Silence is not always the best policy. I will think twice before business with a company that does not have customer security as a top priority.


From where I sit, I am the ONLY one that has taken any action to protect myself from being a fraud victim and held liable for a purchase I did not make. Based on this experience, it was the right call and I would do it again!

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Re: Case of fraud using Best Buy card and

Best Buy's handling of fraud is scandalous.  Their customer service is scandalous.  I cancelled my credit card months ago and again today I got an email indicating I had bought something although the card did not go through.  Buy everything on Amazon.  Whole different experience!

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Re: Case of fraud using Best Buy card and

I agree that Best Buy's fraud detection, investigation, and remediation capabilities are awful.  I've been a victim of fraudulent in-store purchases twice in the last 5 years.  The first incident involved thousands of dollars of in store purchases in the New York/New Jersey area, all in the same day - I live in California.  I was in the process of purchasing a home and my credit score dipped substantially.  The whole process from customer service to fraud investigations, to filing paperwork and outdated mechanisms was a horrible experience. 


The fact that they did not check the in store purchases with more scrutiny or use other industry best practices such as verifying the customer's home address and flagging out of state purchases is laughable.  Best Buy and their credit card banks obviously do not care about implementing basic anti-fraud processes and technologies.  I know this is true because I am the victim once again.


Today I found out there was an in-store purchase back in July in Anchorage - I live in California. 

I called Best Buy's customer service to open yet another fraud investigation.  Customer Service was pretty much useless and just told me to file a police report - which I have.  What is strange about this fraud case, is that it appears the criminal did not use my Best Buy credit card.  However, the purchase shows up in my Best Buy online account purchase history. 


Again, I don't understand how Best Buy can continue to allow these fraudulent in-store purchases without any sort of checks or cross referencing.  I feel as though there is possibly systemic inside collusion going on as well, in addition to their sub-par anti-fraud capabilities.


I will be closing my Best Buy account and credit cards as it is clear they have no interest in protecting their customers.