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Carrier cancelled shipment. Order not received. Replacement cancelled

I placed an order on for a Nest hub and two doorbells. I paid for same day delivery. For some reason, they shipped with two carrier. One doorbell arrived without issue.

The hub and second doorbell never got picked up. The status of the order still says 'Shipped on July 26th' but the tracking shows 4:13pm a shopper has been assigned, 4:42pm the shopper has arrived for pickup and then 5:10pm cancelled. The items were NEVER picked up. The shipment was cancelled, though it still says 'shipped' for some bizarre reason.

I contacted support. They attempted to arrange a replacement that I would pick up from another nearby store instead. Within a couple of hours, my order was cancelled with 'no refund or replacement'. I'm now very confused as this $255.63 that I'm now missing without the goods to show for it ($196.68 was also paid for the first doorbell and the same day shipping on all three items).

I contacted support again who said they couldn't arrange a replacement now due to the first being cancelled by the automated system. I then reached out on twitter and was assured I would have refund instead. I understand that a refund will take time to come through to my bank but I have no confirmation of a refund at all. No email to verify this is happening. I was told, after 24 hours, that the refund team is still processing it. I just want confirmation that I am getting my $255.63 back or the items I paid for, rather than conversations that go nowhere. It's a lot of money for me to be out. And it is definitely not what I expected of a company my husband repeatedly recommended before I moved to the US last week...
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Re: Carrier cancelled shipment. Order not received. Replacement cancelled

Hello, Hanxa,


Thank you for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums! I know how important my finances are to me, and I would be happy to look into the status of your refund is. To get started, I would need you to private message me your full name, phone number, and email. 



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Re: Carrier cancelled shipment. Order not received. Replacement cancelled

I have sent a message to you