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Cancelled order

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I received my gift cards from southwest rewards 3/2. I purchased a 55” tv with 6 gift cards and then the remaining balance on my credit card 3/3. As I loaded the gift cards, each showed the $50. On 3/4 my order was automatically  cancelled.  My email status shows 2 cards went through, the 3rd failed authorization, the last three show waiting for authorization.  After the order was cancelled the first 2 gift cards were reloaded with the $50. The last 4 were not reloaded.  I called customer service 3/4/19 I told each person my story and each person transferred me,  from customer support, to delivery. I was on the phone over 30 min.


Now today I called and customer service tried to help but could not determine why the last 4 weren’t reloaded.  After several holds she said she had to transfer me.  She said there was nothing she could do on her end. The next lady went back and forth on every gift card. Said she can see the balance on the first 2 however she pulled the history on one gift card and said it was used back in January.  I told her that was incorrect because I had just received them the prior day for cashing in my southwest reward points. So after several back and forths, several holds, and 50min and 27 seconds later. She says that she will have to transfer me to delivery that she couldn’t help me. She said it was scheduled for a delivery and therefore delivery is where the problem was. I asked her if these calls I’m making were documented and hopefully they could track my issue. I told her it sounded like it’s an IT issue and the cards are in limbo. She disagreed and said she needed to transfer. So I sat on the line to be transferred to delivery. Instead of being transferred the call was disconnected.  I would like to get the gift cards reloaded so I can have the tv delivered. It was suppose to get delivered tomorrow 3/7 with my other order. 


Please let me know how I can get the 4 gift cards loaded to purchase the TV. {removed per forum guidelines}



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Re: Cancelled order

Hello, Shaneseiler,


Welcome to our Best Buy Forums and into our community.

I can imagine the excitement of using your Southwest points to redeem them for Best Buy gift cards. However, I can understand the experience it has been with your order not processing correctly and having your gift card funds depleted.


We wouldn’t want you to be without your TV order or without the funds on your gift card. I am happy to see what I can do on my end for you. Could you please send me a private message with the following information:


  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Order Number


A private message can be sent to me by choosing the blue button in my signature at the bottom of this post. I look forward to hearing from you!


Ken|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Cancelled order

Ken was amazing! Fast and resolved my issue. Highly recommend this blog instead of calling.