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Cancelled item - Money withdrawn AFTER Cancellation

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I ordered a computer they showed in their Gulf Gate store on November 19th. The morning of November 20th, I called the store and was kept on hold for over an hour so I chatted online with Tiana Lewis. She informed the computer was NOT available. I told her to cancel ALL of the order. (There was an Office software ordered with it, as a bundle deal.) Tiana told me ALL of it had been cancelled, even the software, and told me I would receive an email to confirm the cancellation. (The total price of the software was $69.99 but, as part of the bundle, it was $49.99.) I received a message on the evening of November 20th, Best Buy withdrew $54.11 out of my account. Since it was late Friday night, I was unable to get this reversed by the credit union. On Saturday (November 21) night at 6 pm, I received another message from credit union that Best Buy took another $21.65 out of my account (a total of $75.76)! I went to the store here in Baytown and spoke to the General Manager/Adam Jensen. He told me he was unable to help me because they were not connected to this store but to wait until Monday to see if it reverses the charges. Being Saturday night, I had no choice to wait! I called Best Buy today (Monday, November 23). After being on the phone for an hour and transferred 3 times, I was hung up on; therefore, I contacted my credit union to fight the charge. Jose Hernandez has filed a complaint with them but isn't sure he can get it reversed. Basically, they STOLE $75.76 from me because EVERYTHING was cancelled BEFORE the money was pulled out!


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Re: Cancelled item - Money withdrawn AFTER Cancellation



Was the software a digital delivery item? And if so did you already get an email with the key number? This might be a problem as once the key is delivered to the end user, there is no way to revoke it (and prevent the user from using it), so they always state there are no returns or refunds on digital software purchases.

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Re: Cancelled item - Money withdrawn AFTER Cancellation

It was taken care of tonight. Thank you for your response.