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Re: Can't Ship on my Address

Cancellation Email saying this : (everytime)


"Unfortunately, we encountered an issue while processing your order so we had to cancel it."


address flagged as forwarder??? I don't know, i can check it? This is my residental address, i live here, what can i do ???


Yes i tried checkout as a guest

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what gives?

I had ordered a few items from online, and got an confirmation e mail,for all the thing I ordered, but come to find out that all but one item(wired earbuds) had been canceled,And then get charged for those but never received them!...I havent had any problems with BB, but this time I was upset!! someone needs to find out what is going on here!

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Re: what gives?

Sometimes an item may be out of stock depending on the location they use to send you your products. Sometimes they will use actual stores to ship an item if they can determine it can get to you quick, or perhaps direct from the manufacturer or another distributor.


If an item is determined to be out of stock and your other items have been shipped once the final amount settles your total should reflect the cancelled item.


Did they give you any reason on why they cancelled it?

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Re: what gives?

NO, not at all. I was needing a telephone charger(because I lost my other one, and was getting some inexpensive earbuds(Bluetooth) for same phone), but those two were cancelled,I can see the reason for the inexpensive buds to be cancelled, but not the other
but thanks for the idea ....
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Order Cancelled without explanation


I ordered a PC from the online store last night for pickup later this week, but the order was cancelled without explanation via email this afternoon. Chat support was unhelpful. Really just looking for an explanation. Can provide whatever info is necessary.