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Cancelled orders

Please im getting all my orders cancelled please help me to remove the flagg off my account ive been a customer for many years and never had this issue
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Haven’t gotten money back

I haven’t gotten my money back on an order that I refunded. I ordered it on June 4th and it is now ready 14th. The headphones were about 35 dollars so I would appreciate if I can get my money back or to start my order again even if it’s canceled. I have a question too. Did my money go to credit, and if so I did not want it to at all
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Why was my pick up order canceled?

I had ordered some items for pickup and today I got an email out of nowhere saying part of it was canceled. I hadn't put in a request to cancel anything, and I know for a fact all my info I put in for the order is correct. Why was it canceled?
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Account does not let me ship orders out

I was wondering if someone can assist me with my account please I tried to place over 5 orders and they immediately become cancelled if anyone can help me please and thank you!!
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Why is there always an issue with cancelled online orders and no specific reason to why???

So I helped my gf purchase her laptop last year (2020) through and the order was cancelled several times. No speciic reason why just that it was cancelled. After several attempts we finally got a reason that we just missed the credit mark for the order total to put the purchase under the 12 month no interest financing option. Found a workaround and was able to purchase the laptop from the local BestBuy.


Now here we are in 2021 trying to get a laptop for myself and having the SAME issue. At first, no reason as to why it was cancelled. Couple more attempts down the line and finally said unavailable for the preferred pickup location. How could it be available then unavailable though? Did we miss our chance and someone else came up on the purchase in-store because we had to deal with the run-around cancellation messages or is the fault due to inconsistent data on the server? Finally, we get the "Unfortunately, we had to cancel your order because it has exceeded our orderable quantity limits". We are again only purchasing one (1) laptop. Okay, one laptop and the 1-year Apple Care so two items.


Why? Why hasn't this problem been fixed yet? From my initial research it seems to be a yearly problem for many years and can't understand why the company hasn't made this a priority. How are searches useful if the item availability isn't updated in the system database? We just want to purchase a laptop, a single laptop, that's it.


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Order was canceled and gift card was not refunded

As topic says.   I will wait for a Specialist to repsound so I can give more information.


Thank you.

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My order keeps getting canceled


I'm trying to buy a item on but it keeps getting canceled I'm using a best buy gift card that was purchased from meijer and it says that the order goes through but then 5 to 10 minutes later I get a email about it being canceled
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My order keep getting canceled

Hi, I been trying to order stuff on best buy but my order keep getting canceled. I try calling to best buy but my order was also canceled. I asked bank if my card was block and it wasnt. I tried to testing out by buying 32gb usb. But that order was canceled for whatever reason. I dont know why my order keep getting canceled call you guys didnt solve anything. I tried going in store but order was also cancelled.
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Re: My order keep getting canceled

There are plenty of tips here:


Most of the instances of online orders getting canceled has to do with either using a VPN or script-clocking software that makes you look like a bot or scammer.  Read over and try the tips in that link, along with the Knowledge Base Article Why was my order Canceled? 

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Unfortunately, we encountered an issue while processing your order so we had to cancel it.

Am I blacklisted from ordering through I have tried several other credit cards & this still persists. I checked billing info and called my bank & they said that bestbuy is rejecting it. I have called bestbuy to ask & they have submitted a ticket for the cancellation team to review but it' has been over 1.5 week & they have yet to contact me. Has anyone ever had this issue?