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Online Orders Always Cancelled When Using BB Credit Card - Works Fine In Store

Please help someone! When we go to use our Best Buy store credit card online it auto cancels the orders and we cannot place any online orders and cannot place any orders for in store pickup. It's been going on for awhile now. No one can seem to help us. Please we're desperate!! It's very frustrating and we buy a ton of stuff from Best Buy and are elite plus members. Thanks in advance 

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Order #{removed per forum guidelines}

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I placed an order aboout a week ago, a cellphone that was supposed to be delivered yesterday and suddenly I got an email saying the order was cancelled. I purchased the phone on sale for 600.00 at the moment and now the price went up to 850.00 very suspicious, well I thought we had a contract #{removed per forum guidelines}, Is this the way Best Buy is trying to do business now? I have tried to contact someone from your customer service dept. and I was jusT transferred to different departments. Can someone HELP PLEASE!

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online order immediately canceled

This just happened to an order I made today. But in fact the same thing also happened for *every* order I tried previously, several months ago.


Since then I've just either shopped elsewhere or only gone in-store. I tried today on the off-chance that whatever glitch there was with the system had fixed itself, but alas no such luck.


I re-entered the credit card information from scratch.

I also tried a second time with a completely different card.


On that one, I was instructed to do extra verification with my bank by calling them (this was via "verified by visa" prompt). Which I did and they said from their end that the transaction should go through.


I've had no issues using both of these cards multiple other places online. It's only that I'm having trouble with (and I suspect it's related to my BestBuy account rather than the payment it possible that my GCU membership is causing an issue here?)


Both orders came back with the message "Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your information, so we canceled item(s) from your order." For both, I can see the authorized amount on the bank side. For the one where I called the bank to give extra verification, it got canceled on BestBuy a few minutes *after* I had done all the stuff on the phone with the bank

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Pre-Order Cancelled

Why does Best Buy create listings for music Pre-Orders that they can't fulfill?


I pre-ordered an LP about a month in advance from the Best Buy website with the assurance that I would receive it on the day it was released.  Two weeks after the release date my order was cancelled and refunded.  


Not only did Best Buy waste my time with their bait and disappear act, but in the meantime the record has sold out and I am not able to buy it elsewhere.


I will not be ordering music from Best Buy in the future and will encourage others not to do so as well.



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Order cancelled on laptop

Hello, I tried to buy ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14, but my order was cancelled with the reason being: 


Unfortunately, we had to cancel your order because it has exceeded our orderable quantity limits.



I ordered just one laptop and it's int stock, why did it get cancelled?

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Re: Order cancelled on laptop

Did you have issues before ordering? And tried to place the order again? If so , something may have flagged the second time you tried to purchase if that is the case.

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Re: Order cancelled on laptop

No it was my frist time using ebay actually

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Re: Order cancelled on laptop

Best Buy* , i mean

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HELP! Online order was cancled

Please help me with this situation.I placed an order today and paid with a gift card. But received email noticed that my order wsa canceled after about half an hour. Don't know why it happened and what to do. Hope to receive you help, thank you!

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Unable to place orders on

I am unable to place new orders on - my account, address and payment information are all in order but 9 out of 10 orders get canceled minutes after I place them. I have been an elite plus customer for years, have two BestBuy credit cards, an active Total Tech Support membership and now I keep having issues with the website. Can someone please help?