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International Credit Card / Order Cancellation

Hi, i am getting my order canceled. I have an internetional credit card and placed an order with using 10780 Kempwood Dr. Houston, TX 77043 as billing address. My order was canceled right after confirmation.


I tried for 3 times with different cards and now i can't set a new order because of the quotation limit.


I need a help to solve this.



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Re: International Credit Card / Order Cancellation

It seems you've found how to place international orders Smiley Happy


On the page have you followed all the other conditions such as it being picked up by someone in the USA and you're not using a freight forwarding address?

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Re: International Credit Card / Order Cancellation

no, i'm not using freight forwarding. it's my friend's home adress.
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Re: Price Match Still Not Processed by Backend Team

I made an order for a hp spectre laptop thrice since January till now and it has gotten canceled everytime I call the service they tell me they'll escalate the issue to the back end team but nothing happens. This is very frustrating as I need the laptop for school and I'm.sure my billing information is correct. I've called my bank to verify and it's correct so there should be something wrong with the sysytem
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No delivery

[ Edited ]
Never buy from Best Buy again. Placed a order, {removed per forum guidelines} on 1/31. Received a email 2/11 saying my order was delivered. I checked and no delivery. Called Best Buy and complained that the order was never delivered. He said they would re ship and I would have it by 2/15.
1/2 hour later I get a email saying my order was cancelled. No reason period. I then looked at the tracking for my original order and see it was delayed every day for 7 days.
I just called customer service again and asked why the order was cancelled or why the order was not fulfilled with a similar item. The agent checked with his supervisor and they could send a cheaper item or refund my payment. I choose refund as I don't want to go thru this again with a delayed order or lies from Best Buy as to a order being delivered. Several hours later, I get a text saying that my original order was delivered 2/11. They have no idea what their doing. MY LAST PURCHASE from BEST BUY.
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Cancelled Order followed by Rude Chat Support

I am a long time Best Buy Rewards member with Elite status. On 2/11/2021, I placed an online order for a Logitech C920S with next day delivery via chat to get a price match. That was a very time consuming process, but at least the order was placed. For you info, Best Buy is charging 94.99 while all your competitors are charging 69.99. The order was to be delivered today, 2/12/2021. When I got home today, there was a phone message from earlier in the day telling me that the item would be delivered in the next 5 minutes, but there was no item to be found. Wen I checked online, I saw that the order was cancelled. I called support and was told they were unable to deliver. Not sure why, as I get UPS, FedEx, Amazon delivereies all the time. The phone support was nice, but unable to help. I tried to use the Chat to look into the issue and to reorder the webcam. The Chat representative was extremely rude, and actually abruptly ended the chat. I tried to get a transcript, but that failed. I tried another chat, but after being transferred between agents, the chat failed. I gave up.on trying to purchase this item from Best Buy, and will look elsewhere. This entire episode has really changed my opinion of Best Buy.. 

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Do not buy RTX 3080 or any computer components from - My Experience

I do not even know where to begin, and would appreciate any insight or help that can be offered given my situation.


On January 22nd 2021, I finally managed to get an Nvidia RTX 3080 in my cart and checkout with it! Horrible process, but I managed to do it by sheer luck. It was not available at my local store, so I opted for shipping, which was due on Friday. All good! No. Friday came and went, and my order never shipped. I contacted customer support, and they indicated the item was unavailable at that time, so it would be shipping out by February 12th. Okay, not ideal, but I understand there are shortages. Why charge me $900 and say Friday if it wasnt actually available?


So I waited for a week, then two weeks, and cotacted customer service several times, each time they said that they did not know where my order was and I would receive an email when it shipped. That never happened. Finally, one Representative told me that my order would be automatically canceled on February 12th because it was STILL DELAYED, and she would extend it, giving me more time to maybe have the order filled and the $900 I had in limbo on my CC worth something.


February 12th came, and I received no update or confirmation. I thought no big deal, she extended it to March, so my line in the fulfillment cycle wont be lost and my order wont be automatically canceled. WRONG. Last night at midnight, my order was canceled. 


At every turn, I was lied to, my money taken advantage of, and my patronage disrespected. Why create a waiting process for these GPUs if an order means nothing? Why charge me the full price up front, if the item was not even ever going to ship? I tried repeatedly to speak to someone who knew what was going on, or a timeline, or any information on my order status, but I was told it would ship by February 12th and I had nothing to worry about. I spoke on the phone a few times, chat several times, and almost tweeted at BestBuy's official Twitter to get some information. No help.


To add to all this, I ordered an IN STOCK PowerSupply at the same time for two day shipping, which never came, was automaticlaly canceled, so I ordered another PSU, which was still in stock, for two day shipping, and it never came, so I switched it to Store Pickup that day like a Representative suggested because that location had the PSU in STOCK, but the pickup time came and went, and then my GPU was canceled and I gave up, canceling the order.


How did this happen? How is the GPU system so messed up that I waited a month just to have my order canceled, and in-stock items never ship and auto-cancel as well. BestBuy, do better, I want to buy from you, but maybe send the product next time after I jump through every hoop and my CC is accepted at every turn.

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My Order Keeps Getting Canceled - Blizzard Balance - Quantity Issue?

The only thing that I really purchase from are digital gift cards for Blizzard. I purchase one $50 card and 1 $20 card at a time, and have done this many times over the last year or so. (They are not for any type of commercial use or resale I like to collect Hearthstone cards).


I purchased a couple sets of these gift cards yesterday, and now whenever I try to purchase the same order, it is canceled immediately. Now, I guess I could somewhat understand if there was a limit to how many times you can order the same thing per day, but now we are on a seperate day and it still will not allow me to order. 


I am ordering with my Best Buy credit card, and through my account, so the issue is 100% not to do with payment or wrong information. 


If I am not allowed to purchase these then there is no point in me using my BB card. I am shocked that they are preventing me from spending more money. 


Thank you for your help, 


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OMG - Is Best Buy Customer service really this bad?

So I needed to know it's not just me... has anyone else experienced the pass off on the customer service line and/or chat aupport not knowing what they're talking about? I spent 2 hours on the phone yesterday, talked to 2 people on chat today and another 30 minutes on the phone... each time passed to someone who could help, who really couldn't... Best Buy cancelled an order due to availability and then counted that as a purchase, making me unable to buy a new macbook to replace a broken one... I normally like Best Buy, I had rewards and $50 back on my credit card but they've made it so hard to purchase... even when I was on with help and they told me to place an order it got cancelled right away due to me purchasing too many macbooks! I have zero, apparently they need a week to verify they didn't complete the order...


Just WOW. The other options they gave me where... create a new account (nope), use a different credit card (nope, using my credit card for a reason) or the only other option was to go into a store (COVID anyone?)...


Apparently it's IMPOSSIBLE to talk to the person who can verify I don't have a macbook... even though they can see I don't... supervisors can't help, business department couldn't help... all just completely useless... apologize and that's it.


This isn't rocket science... and nowhere to complain to... so posting here. Nightmare.

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Pre-ordered laptop cancelled without notice, lost discount


I recently pre-ordered MSI - GF65 15.6" 144hz Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i5 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 - 512GB SSD - 8GB Memo...
Model: GF65089
SKU: 6448272


I used a 10% discount and pre-ordered the item. cancelled my pre-order 2 days ago without notice or a good explanation, and I also lost the discount. 


On the webpage, the manufacturer changed the relase date to 03/01/2021 (instead of 02/02/2021 previously). I recevied an email 2 days ago stating "Unfortunately, the item(s) below are still delayed. Because we don't know when we'll be able to get more, we canceled the item(s) from your order and will credit any payment."


Why was my pre-order canceled when we know the relase date was changed? Can you renew my order so it ships by the release date? Can I get the 10% disount back?