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Why are all my orders just cancelling and no one is able to help me?

I've tried my Discover, Amaozon Visa, Paypal, 3X BBY credit cards which was LINKED to my best buy account. I've even used a Store Credit and that cancels? I've been told it is my bank but it is not. I have plenty of funds and the verified that my info matches what is on file. Keep in mind that even a store credit fails what is being verified?

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All my orders keep getting cancelled and no one knows why. keeps cancelling my orders the moment I purchase them.

I have tried to purchasing the hot items for a month now such as Xbox X, PS5, GPUS, even in stock "Hot items" like Xbox Series S which is always in stock and it gets auto cancelled.

Whenever I make the purchase through, the purchase gets cancelled under the excuse that "Best buy cannot process my order" or "Bestbuy has issues verifying my information".


I have tried to contact Bestbuy over the phone and through the online chat. I'm wondering if my account is banned or flagged. All my online orders get cancelled and they are still issuing reward certificates to my account. The excuse is always if I have called my bank (yes, I have tried six different credit cards) or item was not in stock when you purchased (more than 2 console, 3 GPUS, unlimited Xbox Series S attempted placed orders and all auto canceled). I have also attempted to make multiple accounts thinking mine was broken so this might also have added to the issue. 


The holidays are coming and I really need gifts. Please help.

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Re: All my orders keep getting cancelled and no one knows why.

If I am reading it right, you are purchasing multiple quantities of hot items, correct? If so, Best Buy reserves the right to limit quantity on items and if it sees you are buying too many items then it will cancel the order. That is my understanding at least.

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Re: All my orders keep getting cancelled and no one knows why.

Not all of them are of the same product. Most aren't relevant to the next item I get. It can be items that are in large stock quantities from Best Buy and still.
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Pixel 6 Pro Pre-order cancelled

I pre-ordered a Google Pixel 6 Pro 128 GB with the free Pixel Buds on the date it was announced (October 19, 2021). The order status on the website said I was guaranteed to receive the item by release date which was 10/28/2021. After not receiving the phone by that date I reached out to customer service on Tuesday 11/2/2021 to get a better estimate of when I would receive the phone. The customer service rep said that I should have my phone by 11/10/2021. 


On Tuesday 11/9/21, I checked the website and the order status still showed delayed and said they are working on getting the items to me as soon as possible. I again reached out to customer service and the support agent said they are still working on getting the Pixels in stock but that I should hear something within 48 hours. At that time I noticed that the 256 GB Pixel 6 Pro was in stock and available for order on the website. I asked the support agent if there is any way I can change my pre-order and get the 256 GB version instead of the 128 GB version and that I would be more than willing to pay the difference in price as long as I was able to keep the pre-order gift with the free Pixel buds. The agent at that time told me they couldn't upgrade the pre-order but asked me to be patient as the order would be fulfilled soon.  


I went ahead and ordered the 256 GB version of the Pixel anyways given that the agent still could not give me a concrete date on when the 128 GB version would ship. I have been having issues with my phone not holding a charge for very long so I needed a new phone sooner than later. I still would have preferred the 128 GB version as I don't even use nearly the full 64 GB of storage available on my current phone but figured the 256 GB is better than no phone at all. I figured I would keep the 256 GB one in the box until either the 128 GB shipped, or open it when my phone finally gives up for good and cancel the pending order. In addition to preferring the 128 GB version because I didn't need the extra storage and it being $100 cheaper, I also really wanted the free Pixel Buds.


So today my order for the 256 GB phone shipped and that's all well and good. The only problem is about an hour ago I received an email that my 128 GB phone that I ordered the day the thing was announced and was told mutiple times that I would still be receiving it was canceled with no warning and with no option for me to continue waiting despite being told as recently as yesterday that the phone should be shipped soon. So now I'm screwed out of the pre-order bonus and all my options have been taken away. At this point with the 256 GB phone in transit to my house via FedEx, I'm resigned to keeping the more expensive phone but I would really like someone in customer service to make an exception and honor my pre-order bonus for the free pair of pixel buds. Given that I ordered a more expensive version of the same phone that still would have qualified for the pre-order bonus if I would have ordered it in the first place, plus the fact that I was lied to by customer service on two separate occasions, I really do not think that I'm asking for much here. 


I can provide s much information as necessary to help facilitate this request. Thank you for your time and attention. 









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ordered iphone 13 pro max on 10/9, delayed on 10/29, cancelled 11/12

It was a gift for my wife.  Wait for more than a month.  Two notifications thru out the process.  First was for delay.  that was received the day after the expected delivery date.  2nd one was to notified me that my order has been cancelled.  That arrived today 11/12.  I spoke and chatted with multiple agents and they could do nothing  Thank you for wasting my time.  Bestbuy is the best.

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Re: Order cancelled, gift card failed authorization, and the balance stolen.

That is horrible but not surprising story. I had a similar experience of getting money stolen.

Thank you for canceling order for no reason even tho I am a total tech member. The service and answers I get back is non existent like my order is. On nov 8th I buy total tech so I can have the opportunity of buying. PS5. They took my money for the total tech but I still couldn’t even try and buy the PS5 Beto was not registering as a total tech member. I called customer service and they told me nothing they can do, so I asked for a refund they said I would have to go to the store since the transaction has not posted I understood and said I will call back Friday then. Then PS5 go on sell again but you don’t need to be a total tech member to purchase one so I was luckily enough to purchase one and a controller for me and my son can play. My money gets taken out of my account from my card I had on file and used to pay for the total tech. Then I get a email that my ordered was cancelled for no reason and money refunded. Weird for the total tech they couldn’t refund me but when they wanted to cancel my order it can be. Iexpect this from Walmart sad and still don’t know why the order was cancelled because they sold more PS5 than they actually had ? Best Walmart ever
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Order cancellation date extended (have case #) and order canceled overnight anyway

Hello I had an order from 10/25 that was delayed becuase you may have oversold. I spoke with a CSR who did something in the system to extend the cancelation date to 12/3 since the item was not in stock and Best Buy was trying to wait for more inventory. She assured me the item would not be canceled based on what she did in the system. Overnite the order was cancelled anyway. THis is for a high demand item that is difficult to find so I wanted to ensure it did not cancel automatically. I do have both the order # and case # if needed. I am really upset about this as I have been waiting for this item.

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HELP! Pixel 6 - Cancelled Free Earbuds

Hi, I managed to order the pixel 6 along with free pixel earbuds during preorder period. However, my earbuds was cancelled by Bestbuy when I gotten my Pixel 6 last week. Kindly look into this matter. Thanks.

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Pre-Order Cancellation Feedback

Hello there,


Just wanted to share my experience and maybe offer a suggestion. 


I pre ordered a Pixel 6 Pro on the day pre-orders were announced. I actually placed two orders with Best Buy so I could get 2 free Pixel Buds as a pre order bonus, one for each phone. I also placed an order with the Google store for the same items, with the same pre order bonus. Now, here's where my mistake was. I trusted that Best Buy would deliver by Oct 28th, like the website told me. So I cancelled the Google order. I'd rather buy from Best Buy, I have the best buy credit card too, and would get 6% back in My Best Buy rewards. 


Good idea, right? Wrong.


After multiple delays, and chatting with multiple agents, I was assured that once Best buy got stock I'd get my order. The whole time I said well at least I'll get the pixel buds, and the 6% back, even though this order is being delayed well beyond what was stated on the site. I also asked multple times that the order not be cancelled, I'd like to wait my place in line. At this point, I'm screwed out of the pixel buds if I go back to Google and wait. The agents all told me do not worry your order will not be cancelled (I have chat transcripts), and one even assured me that they went in and got rid of the auto cancellation date. 


Then on Nov 10th both of my orders were cancelled. 


So, I placed another order with the Google store. No pixel buds. And maybe I'll get the phone in mid December.


My feedback to anyone at Best Buy that will listen and maybe share this with someone who can make a difference. Please don't take more pre-orders than you have secured inventory for. And please don't auto cancel orders. Are you telling me you have to cancel, because you will never get any more Pixel 6 Pro stock? Makes no sense to me. 


That is all, have a great day.