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Registered: ‎11-14-2021 Orders Being Canceled Minutes After Placing

Every time I submit an order on, I receive a notification back that the order is canceled. Customer service has told me that my billing info needs to be updated but nothing has changed on my end. How can I have this issue resolved?

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Can someone help a fellow employee out?

All my orders auto cancel online. I was told to contact the verification team but there is no way to get in contact with them. I can't call the bridge while I'm busy at work.  I just want to have a fix for my account so I can purchase gifts during this holiday. I've try to fix my account since the 6th of October.  I'm running out of ideas.  Please help me.    

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All online orders get cancelled within minutes of placing order

Recently I noticed that placing orders regardless of using my work or home address results in an unexplained canceled order within a few minutes of placing an order. As I am trying to lock down the current special BestBuy is running on a TV id like to figure out why this is happening instead of using my friend's account to order something. I'm assuming this has something to do with the recent influx of Macbooks I've ordered on my account but all of those units have Applecare on them tied to my name so I'm not sure if that would trigger a flag to my account for reselling.

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Orders being cancelled no matter what method of payment I use

Is there a problem with my account?  I tried many methods of payments and they get cancelled.  

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All of my orders are being cancelled. Every single one

Hello. Please help. 

all my orders are being can cancelled. What can i do. I receive this text


Best Buy: We couldn't verify your info, so we canceled order BBY01-order number Visit WEBSITELINK to verify your account info.



i am sure my information is correct. 


i also recieve this in email


we had to cancel your order.

Unfortunately, we encountered an issue while processing your order so we had to cancel it.

If you want to try to place this order again, please visit BestBuy. or stop in to your local Best Buy® store.

For details regarding refunds and credits, see the What You Need to Know section below.

Please accept our apology for this inconvenience. We value you as a customer and hope to see you again soon.


Your Customer Care Team



i tried different cards and my banks ok all the transactions.


thank you


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Order exceeded quantity limits

Hello Bestbuy,


I would like to purchase item but seems like bestbuy hate money.


I have to try multiple times to order but it will automatically cancel within 5 mins.


May i know how can i order items from Bestbuy?