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Bestbuy Keeps Cancelling My Order - Wondering if my Account is Banned / Flagged

I have an elite plus account. Have spent so far about 12k this year so far. 

Suddenly i have not been able to place orders online for no reason. They all keep getting cancelled. I tried different credit cards(all under my name) and they cancel my order. I called customer support and they say that they have no clue why they keep getting cancelled. They said that its "probably the automated system that cancels them" they told me to go shop in the stores from now on. 

I want to know why i'm unable to place orders online. I make over 20k purchases every year. Now my account was flagged for no reason at all and no one can tell my why. 

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Orders keep getting canceled



I have a best buy .com account attached to my business. Recently, I have been trying to grab graphics cards when they come up for sale. However, every time I confirm an order, it gets canceled within minutes for "orderable quantity limits exceeded" even though I only order 1. I do have a tax exempt number and every thing else. This is not the business site, but is


Please advise how to fix.




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constant canceled orders

i have purchased from best buy many time with no issue regarding my payment which is paypal usually

as of 4/15/21 i kept getting my orders canceled 3-5min after placing an order. i contacted CS online and i was suguested 

to call the BestBuy careteam which i did and was told by numerous CS on the phone to call my bank and see if their end that preventing the purchase which it wasn't i verifed all the correct info from my bank which matches my bestbuy info 

i have try guest checkout and making a new account which both didnt work at all so i have no idea what going on 

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Orders keep getting canceled

This has been a very frusterating process.  I've spent way too long going in circles on the website trying to figure out how I can email a problem but there's no email ANYWHERE.  It keeps sending you in circles hoping you just give up and go away.  So it's pushed me here where I can see many other people have had my same problem.  And there's no resolution posted anywhere I can find.  This is my last hope and then I'm done with BestBuy for good and canceling my credit card with them.


Why do my orders keep gettings canceled?  I make and order that's in stock and the next day it tells me it's delayed.  Then a week or more later I get a message saying it's canceled.  It's done this for my last 4 orders which were all different products that were in stock online, and in stock at my local store.  So why do my orders keep getting canceled?  They don't give an explination.  How am I supposed to use my points when Bestbuy is closed at night while I'm awake?  How am I supposed to call customer support when they're closed at night when I'm awake?  How am I supposed to get ahold of anyone when they're never open when I'm awake and there's no email?  

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Sony Order Cancelled

I ordered the Sony 35mm F1.4 the day after the lens was announced from   Given the history of Sony lens releases I knew I would have a decent wait until the lens was delivered.  A few months pass and Best Buy cancels my order without giving me an option to remain in the reservation queue.  They indicated they canceled because Sony last shipment wasn't as big as Sony said it would be.   I called Best Buy and they indicated they can't reserve the lens for when they will get it in, even though they confirmed another shipment was on its way.  This will force me to order the lens elsewhere and I'll be placed in back of the line, likely having to wait another 6 months after already waiting 3 months.  So now I won't have the lens for the summer season.   This is unacceptable to kick me off the wait list just as the lens is starting to be produced and delivered. I've been a loyal Best Buy customer for years but based on this experience... no more.

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BestBuy online order keeps getting cancelled.



I get this message when I try to order on Best Buy -


Unfortunately, we had to cancel your order because it has exceeded our orderable quantity limits. Please see our Conditions of Use, which explains order limitations and limited quantities.


Can someone please help why this is happening to my account? I am an Elite Plus member so I buy a lot of things from Best Buy and this is the first time I've experienced this.

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online order cancel

I try ordering like 9 or 10 times now keep getting cancled not sure why guess bestbuy hates money now not sure but im about to just give up if this is how bestbuy wanna be just cancel my order without reasons

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Please escalate and help!! URGENT

My name is Luis. For the last few years (more than 10) I have been a loyal Best Buy Elite Plus member. I have been purchasing most of my videogames and gadgets from you.  I have had some situations where my orders get cancelled for no reason and the email I get states "we had to cancell your order because it has exceeded our orderable quantity limits" and a text message (at exacltly the same time) stating a completely different reason "We couldn't verify your info, so we canceled your order". Both of these reasons are not valid because 1) I havent purchased  more than one items 2) no one else has used my account to purchase anything 3) No one has access to my credit card I used 4) I never change the information saved on the website and app, i just pull it from the already recorded choices.
This has happened in the past years, I've complained but the system seemed to clear my account..... It hadn't happened in a year at least.  This year it started happening. When I call the representatives have no idea. Aske me to clear my cookies, restart my phone ... some have stated that I am lying and i have used my account to purchase more than one... other say its just something that no human can solve, that "its part of the algorithm" and something on my account is triggering this.
I need you to help me and escalate... It is frustrating and unacceptable... I feel like no one cares because I asked them to escalate and give me solution and a reason why this is happening..... no one has followed up the previous years, no one followed up last month , and two weeks ago...
Today the same thing happened, after placing my last order, you canceled it.... for no reason.... It is really frustrating.... I dont want to stop doing business with Best Buy. Its my favorite place to purchase but to be honest I am not happy.... I am NOT asking for anything free, i am just asking for help to clear my account from these errors..
Please escalate and help me get a solution and a reason for this.... I went online and it seems more people are having the same problem I am.....
Here are some other instances with other people having the same issues... these are some links.
I cant believe that instead of trying to fix this the representatives that have "helped" me are chosing to let a customer go.
Thank you
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Issues with all orders canceling

I have had a recent issue with all my orders canceling.   It seems to be an issue related to my address in the system.


This issue started about a month ago after a ordered an item that was low in stock and the order was canceled soon after ordering.   Since that point, all orders are cancelled within 2-3 minutes.   I only noticed this a week after the low stock order when trying to order the deal of the day.   My order randomly canceled, so I called customer service.   The first rep said they did not understand why this would not go through, and had me attempt to reorder several more times with them on the phone.   This included using several different credit cards on my file.   I was told they would elevate the ticket and recommended I try again off the phone for an in store pickup or go to the local store.   This final order was also canceled for an in store pickup.


I then went to the store on my lunch to try to purchase the item, but it is normally only available online.   At this point the store associate place a ship to store order for me to pick up later that week.   By the time I walked out to my car, the ship to store order was canceled.   I then spoke with the store manager, who told me they had no idea the issue and had never had this come up before.   I then had to purchase a different, more expensive item they had in stock and was told they would give me a $10 discount on the one that was about $40 more.


I then called customer service again, noting I was also having in store issues and asked to speak to a supervisor.   After being on hold for a while I was disconnected.


At around 5PM that day, I received an email from the "verification" department saying a standard message of we are unable to process your orders on   This email noted there was no way to reply for more information.


I then called customer service again to ask for clarification of this message.   This person was much more helpful and was able to research my issue.   I was told my account was flagged for fraud and was on hold for investigation.   At this point she became more defensive and did not want to provide much more information.   I was told to wait until I head back from someone at Best Buy.   She did not on the account I called my credit card companies and all said their was not fraud alerts and these were all canceled by Best Buy.   I even updated my address on my best buy credit card to include an apartment number, which now matches my best buy account.


Two weeks have since past with no responses of any kind from Best Buy or the verification department.   So I attempted to preorder a game for this summer to be shipped to my house.   This time, I didn't even receive an email, it just canceled on my account.   


So I am posting to see if this is a common issue.   I am a rewards member at the highest tier, don't have excess returns or purchase mutliples of items.  So essentially it seems a bug of some kind has blocked me from ordering.


I mostly shop online since there stores are not really that close to me, so without online ordering I basically will not be able to shop anymore.   I am hoping something can happen to get this resolved.   I appreciate any help that can be provided.

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Help, I ordered a game on and it was canceled instantly!

I have money on my debit card to cover the full purchase. It's shipped to my house, a residential house not a business. Please help, thank you.