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Account Flagged For "Quantity Limit Reached"

I purchased a PS4 for myself and my wife purchased one for our son not knowing about the one per household rule as clearly states it is a one per customer rule not per household. I used a different payment method for each order. My order was cancelled automatically and my wife's was successful. After finding out that mine was canceled for this reason I canceled my wife's order so I could purchase one PS4 on my Best Buy card and receive the cash back incentive. This is where the problem comes up; I am no longer able to purchase a PS4 using my information or my wife's information because the system thinks we have already purchased a PS4 for our home even though all orders have been canceled. I have been on the phone with Best Buy cumulatively for almost three hours and no one can solve my issue.
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Problem Cancel my order frequently

I have a problem with this site. I cannot buy anything from it, and the order is canceled directly frequently, and I have a $ 100 card. I don’t know what is the reason for canceling all my orders.
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Orders getting canceled

I am really having a tough time trying to understand and piece the puzzle together on why each and every single order that I place is getting canceled. I have been an Elite Best Buy member for more than 4 years and really not sure what is causing the issue on my account.


I contacted Best Buy customer support who contaced the verification team and the only response that I got from the verification team is "Thank you for your order. After reviewing your case history, we will be unable to process your orders on Best Buy."


I really would like to get to the bottom of the issue, since this has been bothering me a ton. Best Buy is my favorite store to shop and this is definitely something I never expected to happen. Does creating a new Best Buy account with a different email and the same phone number cause any issues?

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Orders being cancelled

My name is Michelle and I live in Brazil.

I am trying to buy some things to be delivered in the USA with my International Credit Card, issued by a Brazilian Bank.


I am filling all the fields correctly, the bill is made in my Card, but in few minutes, the order is cancelled.

I already tried two different cards, and Paypal, but the order is always cancelled.

Can I have some help?

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Cancelation after confirmation email.

I am not sure what the issue is. I am having orders canceled with messages " Orderable quantity limits exceeded" (how when I'm ordering 1?) or "we couldnt verify your info, so we canceled your order". Customer service doesn't seem to know why either. This is beyond frustrating


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Bestbuy failed delivery for RTX 3060

I've been trying to secure a graphics card for my computer, I am a videographer and this is essential for my work. I was lucky enough to secure a Zotac Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 and used PayPal for payment. My address had an issue and I sent an email in to customer service asking to update it, however they just processed a refund for me instead, which was NOT what I wanted. After failed delivery I called again and was told it would go to the warehouse to be prepared to sell again once stock is up. These cards literally sold out in less then a minute on your website due to people using bots. It was insanely lucky to secure the card and now I'm being told I cannot get it, and it's going to sit in a warehouse until new stock arrives (I've been waiting on stock for 3080 cards for almost 3 months now with no updates so I believe that there won't be any new stock, at least anytime soon.) What can bestbuy do to rectify the situation for me? I was told that there was nothing anyone can do, but I would just like to pickup my product from the warehouse, I have ID for proof of identification, that goes in line with the name on the package, as well as letters sent to the same name and address that would be on the package. This has been a major inconvenience and stress, hopefully someone here at corporate can help me find my product that I paid for, as a consumer I feel violated that a company made a decision to refund my product without making literally any attempt to contact me. No calls, no email, no second attempted delivery, no contact about my order whatsoever. I've been a customer and have been coming to bestbuy for 15 years, and this customer service was atrocious! If I get told the same thing you have lost a customer for life and I will make sure that my family and peers no longer give you their business either, as this behaviour is unacceptable.
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Online Purchase System a Disgrace

For a company that claims to be on the cutting edge of technology Best Buy cannot even set up their online ordering system correctly. After canceling my first order with the vague payment authorization problem I looked at their "resolutions".


First of all, if my bank has received the payment authorization don't tell me to call MY bank to see if the problem is on MY end. Look into YOUR systems for errors.


Second, the other "resolution" was to order again using a different card. Okay I did that. Order canceled. Why? Because of freaking ORDER QUANTITY LIMITATIONS. I re-ordered because YOU suggested it and now I've exceeded my quantity on non-existent orders?


Good job Best Buy I'm spending my money elsewhere. Hope you go bankrupt.

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Cancelled online orders

I have placed a lot of orders thru Bestbuy online.  However, recently they keep cancelling my orders online.  The go thru at first and say "order is confirmed" then I immediately get another message saying"they couldn't verify my info, so they canceled the order".  I have been on chats and calls with bestbuy (since Jan 2020) and they can not give me an answer to why this is happening.  I have also called my bestbuy credit card company and they say there is nothing wrong on their side.  


Is it possible to investigate and figure out what's wrong? Shopping at BestBuy would be so much more convenient if I could use the website to pay for items instead of having to go to the store to buy them.

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Online Order keeps getting cancelled

So I can see this is a recurring issue for a lot of people.


I've been trying to order an item for the last 10 days. I'm on my 3rd order attempt.


The first time, I tried to order this with a visa card with plenty of room on it.


After 5 days the order was cancelled because Bestbuy apparently couldn't authorize the purchase with my card company. This is despite me calling my card company and them telling me repeatedly that there was no hold on their end. Best Buy should be able to charge the card just fine.


My second order attempt, I tried placing it with Paypal, because Paypal always works for me. Within 2 days I've received another email indicating my order is delayed due to a problem with my payment information. Apparently Bestbuy has tried to pull the payment 3x in the last 36 hrs, and each time they get a "High Risk Model" error preventing the transaction.


This is despite both my bank, and Paypal, telling me Best Buy is free to take the money. After about 3 calls each to Best buy and Paypal, I was informed by Paypal that the reason it's failing is because Best Buy sent them a 'blank' order missing an authorization, and the only way to fix this is to cancel and reorder. When I call BB customer service, they have no idea what I'm talking about and blame both Paypal and my bank again.


I'm now on my third order - back to the credit card again, which I know is perfectly good. I haven't been told there's a problem yet with my third attempt, but I'm hoping someone from Best Buy sees this, and can look into the previous orders to find out exactly why this keeps failing, and fix the problem on their end.


My bank, card company, and Paypal can't all be wrong - the core constant here is Best Buy, and I see a lot of people having this same issue with the online ordering systems. So I think something's broken on Best Buy's side.

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My order keeps getting canceled

I have tried placing several orders on and every time I get an email 5-30 minutes later that says my order was canceled. I called my credit card company and they have authorized the transactions and said Best Buy is canceling the order but I have no idea why.