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Account Flagged For "Quantity Limit Reached"

I purchased a PS4 for myself and my wife purchased one for our son not knowing about the one per household rule as clearly states it is a one per customer rule not per household. I used a different payment method for each order. My order was cancelled automatically and my wife's was successful. After finding out that mine was canceled for this reason I canceled my wife's order so I could purchase one PS4 on my Best Buy card and receive the cash back incentive. This is where the problem comes up; I am no longer able to purchase a PS4 using my information or my wife's information because the system thinks we have already purchased a PS4 for our home even though all orders have been canceled. I have been on the phone with Best Buy cumulatively for almost three hours and no one can solve my issue.
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Problem Cancel my order frequently

I have a problem with this site. I cannot buy anything from it, and the order is canceled directly frequently, and I have a $ 100 card. I don’t know what is the reason for canceling all my orders.
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Orders getting canceled

I am really having a tough time trying to understand and piece the puzzle together on why each and every single order that I place is getting canceled. I have been an Elite Best Buy member for more than 4 years and really not sure what is causing the issue on my account.


I contacted Best Buy customer support who contaced the verification team and the only response that I got from the verification team is "Thank you for your order. After reviewing your case history, we will be unable to process your orders on Best Buy."


I really would like to get to the bottom of the issue, since this has been bothering me a ton. Best Buy is my favorite store to shop and this is definitely something I never expected to happen. Does creating a new Best Buy account with a different email and the same phone number cause any issues?

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Orders being cancelled

My name is Michelle and I live in Brazil.

I am trying to buy some things to be delivered in the USA with my International Credit Card, issued by a Brazilian Bank.


I am filling all the fields correctly, the bill is made in my Card, but in few minutes, the order is cancelled.

I already tried two different cards, and Paypal, but the order is always cancelled.

Can I have some help?