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Cancelled Order Refund

Hello, I made an order possibly last week and was unable to make the pickup. As of yesterday, I received and email showings that the item has a few days left for pickup before it’s cancelled. I went ahead and cancelled the item on my own accord knowing I’ll be unable to make the pickup. The email shows that my order has been cancelled and refund is processed. I’m just wondering is it a business day aspect to receive my money back, I haven’t gotten the refund as of 11/30 @ 5:51am. I just figured within store pickup limitations, the funds would get automatically released possibly like processing a return of a product.
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Re: Cancelled Order Refund

Hi, iPure,


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Anticipating a refund for an item you didn't receive can be frustrating this time of year. Therefore, I can understand the need to reach out to us on this platform. Credit and debit card refund processing times can vary depending on payment method and financial institution. This means that it may take up to one full billing cycle for the return to reflect on your account. For details about common time frames can be found on our website under Refund method and timing. If you would like me to look into the specifics of your order, please send a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and order number. You can provide a private message by simply clicking the button to the right of my signature.



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