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Cancelled Order - No Refund

This letter not only serves as a request, but as a plea for someone to reach out to my family and I.  


On June, 25th, 2020 I placed an order for almost $3,000 worth of kitchen appliances.  On July, 8th, 2020 I received an email from Best Buy that my order was cancelled.  On the same day, I went to try and place the order again, but the funds were not refunded.  Since then, I have probably called in 15+ times, spoken to numerous agents on the online chat, as well as reached out to store managers, Best Buy Forums, and any other person/outlet that I could think of to try and get help.  I have been transferred and transferred and transferred with no luck of finding any answers.


I have heard from representatives that the order was cancelled because of the items being out of stock.  I have heard from representatives that they are unsure as to why the order was cancelled.  No one could give me an answer about why the funds have not been returned.


These past 25 days have been full of stress and anxiety.  Not only are my family on the verge of moving into a new home in the middle of a pandemic, but we are now short $3,000 for appliances that are a necessity.  This is not money that can just be easily replaced.  It is money that my family has saved up for months to purchase these appliances.


Can someone reach out with some sort of solution?