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Cancellation nightmare

I have a serious issue...


I purchased a laptop $3200.00 roughly., The moment it ordered I noticed it was the wrong item in the email. Apparently when you click a link, and look at it, it has 2 boxes you can pick from and if you don't click it, it defaults to one of them, which in this case is the wrong one.(specs of the laptop change)


So I tried to cancel it INSTANTLY but the system wouldn't allow it (I have pictures to prove it with time stamp). I called customer care, they were closed of course. 


I called first thing in the morning the follow day, and i was told it is being cancelled per my request and I was given a ticket number. Great no big deal.. but having dealt with BestBuy before, I called back to make sure and they told me it was. I was then given a second ticket number for a refund. Seemed like they were actually doing their jobs and things seemed like they would be taken care of.


I called back a few days later as I got an email saying it is being shipped. I wanted to make sure I don't get it since I am being refunded etc... they said don't worry it's cancelled and refund processing and should have an email by EOD for my refund. Great....


Next day I call since I never received the email. That person (being like the 4th-5th person I spoke with) told me that the item was actually delivered on the 3rd. So I asked how that is even possible when I canceleld the order and I am being issued a refund. She told me don't worry your refund is processing by end of day (same thing the previous person told me). I questioned this etc.. then finally puts me on an extremely long hold, comes back and tells me someone will call me about the missing package as I did not get it.

I am still waiting for that call to this date. Also I called the shipper they said someone signed for it as it had a signature required. But the person that signed for it wasn't even working that day and nobody was in the office. The shippers driver just put the name there, and pulled a line across for her signature. I asked the office persons and she said no, she was in the hospital as her dad was having surgery. So now I face two problems.. 1 that nobody actually signed for it and 2 BestBuy messed up by not cancelling the order as promised. 


So I just got an email saying I am not getting a refund and to work with the shipper. Well the shipper requires BestBuy to file a claim and won't allow me to do it. I cannot get a hold of anyone at BestBuy to hellp beacuse it has the WORST customer service in the world. They have ZERO support here in the U.S and all of the ones overseas cannot understand what the hell you are asking them to do 90% of the time. Nothing personal but reality that they cannot understand you and have a hard time answer my questions. You can pull the calls and listen to them yourself. It is a nightmare calling BestBuy.


They simply do not care about their customers and pray the people just stop calling I bet.


So now I called my credit card company to dispute the charge based on the inforamtion above. I have chat logs, ticket numbers and emails about everything i stated. From being told it was cancelled, redund etc... If i knew it was coming i would have looked for it. We have a mailroom that all packages reside in and anyone can literally just pick it up and go, and would never know who took it. Not saying anyone did, because it coudl simply have been redirected or never even delivered to begin with and will be found in the warehouse. But either way, how am I responsible for this now? Or what the heck is going to happen as this is something that I am extremely upset about for numerous reasons as listed below:


1: I have $3300 on hold, which isn't a big deal I can deal with thaty

2: I have to wait to re-order it because it is out of stock and every other place is price gouging on the laptop 

3: Now I have to wait who knows how long to resolve this and re-order once its back in stock. If i could find it elsewhere for the same price I would never shop at BestBuy again. I am moving to Amazon and I will say this with a very sad tone also buy from Walmart before BestBuy ever again.


I had a similar problem before with a laptop purchase and i ended up returning it because of what they did even then. i should have learned my lesson.


Anyhow, if someoen can please contact me immediatelyI would really appreciate it.


And as I tried to post this message for the last 15 mins. 3 different browsers, it tells you that you have to correct something that is highlighted and nothing is even highlighted. This is yet another way they try to annoy so much that you don't post anything. Just another major negitive poinst about BestBuy!


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Re: Cancellation nightmare

Hello, abrizs,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community! 


Getting a new laptop is a big deal, so we are honored that you decided to place your order with us. Having that order placed should be a time of excitement, but I can understand why it wouldn't feel that way if your order ended up being for a model with different specs than the one you wanted. I know I'd be anxious to get that cancelled as well!


We know that mistakes can happen, which is why after an order is placed you have 30-minutes to make modifications. After that timeframe has passed, no modifications can be made as we're busy trying to get the order to you as quickly as possible. That process is meant to be a good thing for customers, but I can understand how instead it would just be frustrating if no one answered the phone when you called to cancel the order. 


Our goal is always to provide the best shopping experience we can; we know that includes providing accurate information the first time around. That's why it hurts me to hear that you kept being told that your order cancelled, only to later learn it had been delivered. I can imagine how I would feel if that happened to me, so I can understand why you're upset! While I wish that things had been handled how they should have been, I look forward to trying to turn your time with us around.


My team is located at our Corporate Office, which is in the United States. We're more than capable of addressing your concern, and I'd love to look into this further to see what is possible here. For me to get started, can you please use the "Private Message" feature in my signature below to send over your full name, phone number, email and order number?



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