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Canceled order. Waiting on refund

I canceled a curbside order on May 8,2020. It was pending and after 24 Best Buy completed the transaction.. My bank informed me to contact Best Buy.. I contact customer service they saying the order canceled and money hasn’t been taken but I have my bank statement and everything showing they money has been taken
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Re: Canceled order. Waiting on refund

Hi, rnaw1172,


Thanks for reaching out! I totally hear how it would be concerning if you aren’t seeing funds returned to your original form of payment after cancelling an order. Depending on when in the process your order was cancelled, a couple different things could be happening. I’ll be glad to offer some insight that may help.


If the order was ready for curbside pickup at the time you cancelled the order, the original form of payment should have been charged. In such a case, while Best Buy would process the refund right away at time of cancellation, it could still take up to a full billing cycle to see the fund go back to the original form of payment as the time it takes to post can vary depending on the internal processing for that specific financial institution. On the other hand, if the order was cancelled prior to the order going all the way through, you might be seeing only an authorization hold and not a charge. Authorization holds can also take a while to drop (up to one billing cycle) as they are also dependent on the internal processing of your financial institution. In my experience, most credit card companies drop authorization holds closer to within about 3-9 business days, but it does vary. You can see more about authorization holds here and return/refund processing here.


With all of this said, it has been quite a while since you posted. Have you seen the funds return to your original form of payment? If not, I’d like to peek at your order details. To start, I’ll need your full name, phone number, email address, and order number. Be sure to keep those details secure by using the “Private Message” option.



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