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Canceled Order Madness

I have a problem with a cancelled order. I ordered an Xbox Series S console and a game for the Xbox. I placed the order online to pick up at the Norwalk CT store. I did a curbside pickup and was handed the Xbox console and the game by the Best Buy employee.

I received an email several days ago stating the Xbox console was canceled because it wasn't picked up. It showed that the game was picked up and I was billed for it.

I spent two frustrating hours on the phone this morning calling the store because I wanted to be honest and make sure Best Buy got their money for the Xbox console that I did picked up.

I spoke with multiple people at the store two of which disconnected me while putting me on hold and one time not even getting a person. Finally, after the fourth time calling, I received a person that was able to help me.

He put me on hold so he could talk to an accountant at the store. He came back on and said that the accountant told him there was nothing they could do being it was a curbside pickup and then he told me the accountant said consider it as a free gift.

So, I was fine with that. It was worth my two frustrating hours on the phone.

Then I get a person from the store call me back and said that I had to pay for it. I told him I was just told to consider it a gift from an accountant at the store and that I didn't have to pay for it.

He then told me if I didn’t, he would flag my account. First, I'm a best Buy Elite Plus member and buy tons of stuff from Best Buy every year.

That said I don't think it is right to say it's a gift and then threaten to flag my account if I didn't pay for it. That just infuriated me more on top of the two hours spent on the phone wanting to try to pay for it.


It made me go from wanting to be honest and pay for it to screw you. Let Best Buy take the loss for their mistake.

Do you feel that it's fair to say you don’t have to pay and they say “oh, we changed are mind, you do have to pay and if you don’t, we will flag your account”.


At this point I refuse to pay. It may be wrong but that's how this episode with Best Buy makes me feel. 


As well as considering purchasing my future electronics elsewhere.

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Re: Canceled Order Madness

Welcome, carmaz,


Thank you for taking the time to stop by our community forums and letting us know about your order. As someone who used store pickup quite a bit, I can imagine how strange it would be to see that this order was cancelled after picking it up. I'd certainly like to look further into this to see how I can best assist you.


I am not aware of our store locations having accountants. I'd like to review your case history to get a better understand of the steps previous agents have taken as well as who they spoke to. I will need a few more details to begin this process. Can you please send me a private message that includes your:

Full name

Email address

Phone number

Order number


You can send me a private message by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this post. I'll keep an eye out for your message.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Canceled Order Madness

PM sent.

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Re: Canceled Order Madness



I sent you another PM just now.